Perfectly Placed Petals

On a beautiful, spring Friday afternoon in March, guests gathered at the home of Lakepoint neighbors, Chris and Lisa Anderson for a fun and interactive neighborhood party that did not disappoint.
As neighbors gathered for a floral arrangement party, everyone enjoyed chatting and munching on the scrumptious array of snacks and small bites that Lisa and Chris graciously provided. From fresh fruit, to warm savory cheesy potato bites, to scones, macaroons, and more - there was definitely something for everyone! Our delicious Pinot wine options for the afternoon were provided by Crestview Wine & Spirits. With a wonderful selection of beverage options and helpful staff, you are sure to find what you need.
Our floral arrangement event wouldn’t be complete without someone to teach us the tricks of their trade. Andover Florist, Rikki Johnston of Flowers by Rikki, was just the person for the job!  Though she may have just opened her doors in May of 2020, her wealth of knowledge in the floral industry dates back to 2010 when she took a position in the produce department of a local grocer. “I had planned to eventually open my own bakery, but when I was moved to a different department within the store, my interest changed,” shared Rikki. From there, Rikki took an interest in creating beautiful floral arrangements for her customers and her love for flowers bloomed!
We gathered as a group to watch Rikki demonstrate and explain the process of assembling an arrangement. We worked with an assortment of beautiful spring-colored flowers including Pink Asiatic Lilies, Green Hydrangeas, Peach and Orange Hypericum Berries, Magenta Stock, Yellow Solidago, Purple Statice, Burgundy Scabiosa, and of course, beautiful pink and lavender roses.
“I had no idea how much I had been doing wrong when arranging,” shared Lisa Schriefer. “The lattice method to create a base for the arrangement is genius!” Many others agreed with her including Sarah Bosworth. “I had NO idea how important the greens were, let alone crisscrossing them to make a grid.”
Another amazing and helpful tip many guests took away was the preparation of the stems. “I learned rose thorns should be dethroned only below water level,” shared Ann Estep. Lisa Anderson and many others found it quite interesting that you can bring wilted hydrangea back to life by putting the stems in scalding hot water.
Feedback About The Life at Lakepoint & Vickridge Events: Lisa Schriefer commented, “I really enjoyed meeting residents of our neighborhoods I did not know and reconnecting with those I did.” Colleen Dondlinger shared that she enjoyed meeting the new neighbors as well and making the flower arrangements. “It was a lovely event, well attended, and lots of fun!” added Sarah Bosworth with Farha Home Trends, a preferred partner of the publication. “I loved the camaraderie of people connecting with each other while trying to arrange their flowers. Everyone was kind, supportive, and encouraging to each other, like ‘Hey! That looks so good! What do you think about how I have mine?’ It was awesome to feel that energy throughout the room.”