Meet Dr. Zepick

Canada Native Moves to America’s Heartland

In high school, Dr. Lyle Zepick loved his science classes. He also wanted a career collaborating with people. Fast forward to today, and Dr. Zepick has been practicing cardiology in Wichita since 1981. He grew up in Canada and attended the University of Calgary and the University of Ontario. He began his medical training in primary care. But, by the 1980s, cardiology was exploding, and he decided to specialize in that area. Looking for a city to practice in, Dr. Zepick answered an advertisement for a cardiologist in the New England Journal of Medicine and ended up in Wichita.
Dr. Zepick explains that Wichita appealed to him because it was a small group of doctors with a practice in the Midwest. He preferred the smaller setting over a larger office. It took two years to get through immigration and labor requirements, but he is pleased his journey brought him to Kansas.
Dr. Zepick has his own practice with partner Dr. Joseph Lemlek, and they recently merged with Kansas Medical Center. On a typical day, he will see about 20 patients both in the office and at three area hospitals, Via Christi, Wesley, and Kansas Medical Center. Dr. Zepick is board certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, and Nuclear Cardiology which uses noninvasive techniques to diagnose heart disease.
Technologies and procedures have advanced through the years, and Dr. Zepick appreciates the new treatments available to his patients. Unfortunately, with new technology comes administration issues. Dr. Zepick believes red tape and issues related to guidelines for care with private insurance and Medicare have reduced their efficiency.
Stress is an inherent part of the job, so Dr. Zepick manages the strain with daily swimming, one-hour meditation, listening to classical music, and attending church. He and his wife Debi live in Vickridge. During free time, the pair enjoy their children and seven grandchildren. Dr. Zepick has three children from his first marriage, and they are all in the medical field. His wife has three children; two are in the medical field and one is in media. Debi recently retired as Director of Wichita Radiological Group.
Dr. Zepick and his wife enjoy supporting the opera community, traveling, and are sports fanatics. He sums up his decision to move here by saying, “Wichita is a great place to live and practice.”
Thank you, Dr. Zepick, for sharing your story with the readers of The Life at Lakepoint & Vickridge.