Luna the Friendly Adventure Dog

Luna and Brecken!

To know Luna is to love her.  She loves her family and is always desperate to say hello to other dog friends!  

Luna is a 5-year-old shepherd mix who is full of love.  Her fortune landed her at Lake Quivira last summer when Summer and Dustin adopted her into their family.  The couple was looking for a dog to grow up with their little 2-year-old son, Brecken.  

Luna and Brecken are sweet little buddies.  Brecken drives his truck on Luna’s back and she is so patient.  Luna is such a part of the family…she even helps put Brecken to bed. He calls her once he is in bed and she comes up to give him his goodnight kiss.  After the kiss, Luna knows to go on downstairs where she hangs with the adults until they go to bed.  And yes, she sleeps with them in the big bed!  Luna also loves belly rubs and new toys which she chews up in 5 minutes, says Mom!

Luna enjoys walks with the family and is good about staying with them.  She loves her neighborhood “pup friends” and regularly visits Bandit and Harlow and Ricky, the little black dog, who lives across the street.  They also come to her front door and invite her out to play. Sometimes the peer pressure is just too much and she ventures out with the other dogs beyond her homestead.  Her adventures sometime include a little dip in the lake or making new friends.  Summer says Luna has her own circle of friends and has found quite the good life at the lake! 

Sometimes she is a little scaredy cat when it comes to a stranger but Mom assures everyone that she is about as friendly as they come!