Cruising with Paul and Vikki

Go Chiefs!

A late February cruise in the southern Caribbean is a grand idea especially when you live in the midwest!  Traveling with another couple on a magnificent Celebrity Cruise ship is also a winning combination.  Paul and Vikki met their friends this past winter in Ft. Lauderdale and set sail for a ten-day cruise through St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Martin, St. Lucia, and Barbados. 

Paul Welcome and Vikki Richter had been sailing on the same line in May with only half occupancy due to pandemic restrictions.  This time the ship was at full capacity with 3,000 passengers.  The ship's reputation was all about elegance, excellent food, Broadway-caliber entertainment and no waterslides!  Needless to say, everyone was over fifty years old.

Their days began with a room service card hung on the cabin door which was all it took for fresh croissants and black coffee to be served.  Vikki told Paul, “We’re only going to have croissants one time!”   Vikki laughed and said that did not work!   It was just too wonderful to only enjoy once! 

Vikki recommends researching cruise lines and excursions on Facebook.  There she finds up-to-date information about specific travel destinations that she found helpful. 

Some of their daily adventures were snorkeling in St. Kitts, visiting the beaches in St. Lucia and discovering the water really is the color of Windex!    Paul’s favorite stop was in Barbados where George Washington had stayed and lived while caring for his brother for a short time.  Paul was fascinated by how American history had changed from Washington’s experience there. Washington witnessed how local troops who were vaccinated against smallpox were staying alive. On his return to America, he demanded the United States troops be inoculated.  

Another excursion took them on a catamaran cruise. Having the “wind in your face was great!”  said Vikki.  

They winged it in Antigua and took a taxi to the beach.  After some time relaxing,  they traveled to Nelson’s Dockyard which is one of the oldest historic yacht clubs.  They loved the restaurant right on the water and ate the freshest lobster and avocado quesadillas for a fraction of the cost normally.  Vikki commented on the luxurious chartered yachts owned by millionaires at the club and that they were quite frankly in a “different realm” of affluence!  

Back on the ship, dinners were set for elegant dining complete with white tablecloths and crystal glasses.  The main dining restaurants served everything from Beef Wellington to lobster.  There were several restaurants to choose various cuisines like French, Italian, Mediterranean, Greek, and of course, the buffets!  Passengers could also dine between six specialty restaurants where higher-end wines and incredible culinary fare could be had.  Paul and Vikki loved one called Eden where they enjoyed the freshest lobster, crab, and baked Alaska desserts.  The service was also unprecedented.  

A walking track around the ship with interesting hills and curves made it fun to “walk off” some of the extra calories that were being had! Vikki said they walked four to five miles a day and had fun meeting people on their walks.  Other amenities on the ship included an indoor pool and an “awesome spa!”  

The entertainment offered was top-notch!  They enjoyed music acts that played Motown, the Beatles, and Crosby, Steels, and Nash.  They particularly enjoyed one of the comedians.  Vikki loved him so much that she even went back to his 11 PM show!

A perfect trip in so many ways including the weather convinced Paul and Vikki to go cruise again…their bags are packed!