The Second Annual Earth Day was full of sunshine, plants, pets, children, laughter, crafts, artwork, ice cream and books. It was the perfect day! Neighbors visited with old friends and new ones. The entire park was full of activity. People of all ages and dogs of all kinds could be seen enjoying the walking trail and Pollinator Garden. Children were climbing, jumping, and riding toys on the playground. They loved having their faces painted! Everyone enjoyed making bird feeders, artwork on rocks, and bean artwork on cards. Another favorite event was the pollinator game where children used butterfly sticks to “pollinate paper flowers” using colorful puff balls. Many beautiful plants and seeds were shared with neighbors as well as cool tools and planters. Evanne Flanders from the Madison Library delighted listeners with her story times as they sat around on blankets on the ground. People signed up for library cards and enjoyed touring the bookmobile. Of course, the Frosty Freeze Ice Cream Truck was a big success and attracted lots of activity. Last but not least, there was a “Name the Artwork in the Park” contest.  Participants were instructed to find and name the animals that had been created from tree stumps throughout the park. The judges discovered that Lake Caroline children have great imaginations as they came up with a variety of great ideas! And the winners are: Elephant Ellie, Frog Hopper, Octopus Ursula, and Owl Hootie!

It truly was a joyous occasion and a fun way to be reminded of the importance of being responsible caretakers of our earth!