The Beaupre Family

Meet your fellow Inverness neighbors — the Beaupre family! Russell and Lisa (Morgan) Beauper have three children: Russell (Joey) Beaupre, Emme Beaupre, and Olivia Beaupre.
Joey and Emme are 20-year-old twins who graduated from Fremd in 2020.  Olivia (17) will be a senior at Fremd in the fall and plays high school basketball and lacrosse. Joey, on the other hand, will be a junior at University of Illinois, where he is in the Gies School of Business and is also an Air Force ROTC cadet, and Emme is currently attending Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, FL, where she is a cross country runner and is majoring in business with an emphasis in human resources. Finally, no family would be complete without a cute and cuddly furry member, and the Beaupres are no different. They have a 2-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who they've named Rowdy. He brings love and joy to the entire household.

Russ and Lisa originally moved to Inverness from St. Louis in 1997 and have raised their family in Inverness ever since.  They both graduated from Fremd High School, with Russ growing up in the Dawngate neighborhood in the Rolling Meadows area. In contrast, Lisa moved to Inverness with her parents, Sheila and Bruce Morgan, and her younger brother, Scott, in 1985 while she was in high school. Sheila and Bruce still live in the Inverness area. In fact, Sheila spent several decades as an award-winning real estate broker servicing Inverness exclusively. Together, they joke that Sheila leveraged her selling skills to craftily influence Lisa and Russ’  return to Inverness so that family and future grandchildren could live nearby! Furthermore, the Morgans and Beaupres live only a block apart from each other in Inverness, which has brought many special memories for them and their children. For example, the Beaupre children’s bus stop used to be at the end of the Morgans’ driveway, so each school day began with a hug and wave from their loving grandparents.  

In order to further his education, Russ Beaupre attended the University of Kansas, where he earned a degree in business. Meanwhile, Lisa and her family moved from Palatine to Inverness in 1985 and once she graduated from Fremd, she attended UCLA and earned a degree in communications and then a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University.   

While Russ and Lisa have lived in the Palatine/Inverness area for most of their lives, both just so happened to be living in Indianapolis after college graduation. Russ was working in sales for a computer company at the time and Lisa was in TV news. A mutual friend from high school (Bob Burk, who is also an Inverness resident) helped set them up on a date while they were both living in Indianapolis. And it worked! From there, they moved to St. Louis for a few years but always knew they would eventually find their way back home to Chicagoland.  Many of their friends from Fremd also returned to the area, making for multi-generational friendships. It has been very fun for Lisa and Russ to see how many of their children's friends are actually the kids of former Fremd graduates who also returned and settled in the Palatine/Inverness area.  

As has been previously mentioned, Russ’ career began in the computer software industry. Currently, he is an executive at Oracle, whereas Lisa has worked in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry for most of her career and is currently an executive at ANI Pharmaceuticals.   

When it comes to hobbies or activities, Lisa enjoys her daily walk through the neighborhood with their dog, Rowdy, while Russ enjoys playing “old man” basketball at the Inverness North Park Fieldhouse. But as a family, the Beaupres like to play pickleball in their backyard on their sports court! 

Most recently, the Beaupre family either dines in or orders take-out from Inverness Golf Club, but for a city excursion, their favorite restaurant is the Loyalist. For casual Mexican food, they are fans of Taqueria Mia and its charming owner, Alberto. And for brunch, the family enjoys Egg Harbor in Schaumburg, where Olivia, Russ and Lisa's daughter, is a server. 

In the summertime, the Beaupres enjoy sitting out on their front porch or having pickleball parties with friends on their backyard sports court. The kids like to have friends over for bonfires and basketball, and in the wintertime, everyone enjoys snow-shoeing through the Inverness golf course along with their furry family member, Rowdy.    

A family tradition that the Beaupres would like to share is that every Thanksgiving, they host a Turkey Bowl in their yard for 30-plus family members and friends, complete with field markings and a referee (Russ). Lisa and her Fremd High School friends also started a tradition in 1987, which was a holiday “Mother/Daughter brunch,” that they have continued annually for the last 34 years. Every year, the Beaupres go to a Notre Dame football game because Russ’ family has a long legacy of Notre Dame history. His grandfather, also named Russ Beaupre, was one of the founding members of the first Notre Dame golf team. He also played on the football team for legendary Coach Knute Rockne. Further still, the Beaupres are avid Kansas Jayhawk fans. This year was especially exciting because of the Jayhawks being NCAA champions. As a family, they went to the Elite 8 game at the United Center. Rock Chalk!
Longtime Palatine/Inverness residents will remember Russ’ mother, Sherry Beaupre, who owned a monogram store in downtown Palatine for many years called Just For You. She outfitted many Fremd students back in the day with monogrammed purse covers and sweaters that were so popular in the '80s.

When it comes to favorite vacation destinations, the whole family enjoys warm-weather locales and being near the ocean.  Mexico has been their go-to location, but last year they purchased a condo in Miromar Lakes Beach and Golf Club so that they could attend as many of Emme’s cross country and track meets in Florida as possible.  

Community involvement is something that is also very important to the family, with Russ Beaupre spending many years coaching boy’s basketball as part of the Fremd feeder program, helping in whatever way he could. The entire family enjoys attending any type of sporting event that they can in support of their alma mater Fremd.      

There is a myriad of reasons why the Beaupres enjoy living in Inverness: the natural setting that encompasses the village, the peace and quiet one can enjoy while still accessing “world-class city” offerings, the lush landscapes, the privacy, the expansive yards, and the space to enjoy nature and take part in a variety of outdoor activities, including pickleball or basketball on their sports court, football in their yard, riding their ATV through the woods, and so much more! Most of all, though, the Beaupres love living amongst such wonderful neighbors who are friendly and welcoming. Witnessing younger families moving into the neighborhood is also heart-warming because they know that incredible memories will follow for their own children, just as it did for them.