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Steve Vitale, Inverness resident.

Introducing P4 Companies! P4 Security Solutions and Protective Services provide onsite, remote and mobile guarding, including electronic security for law enforcement, emergency and investigative services as well as corporate risk management. The staff at P4 truly believe that they are uniquely positioned as the best security service partner to provide top-tier safety and protective services in the Midwest and Chicagoland areas.

The core business of P4 will always be providing security services. However, as the needs of their customers are ever-changing, they’ve evolved into delivering traditional security, as well as building a state-of-the-art Security Operations Center that houses the latest technology and is under the P4 umbrella. 
They identify alternatives to security officer staffing using technology such as alarm response, remote video monitoring and mobile patrol services. In addition, their operating efficiencies and technological advancements afford them the opportunity to provide best-in-class service and reliability. 

P4P employs a roster of over 1,800 security professionals in Illinois alone and hundreds more in over 14 states across the United States. Their expertise and ability to immediately deploy strategic resources for any ongoing, emergency or special event/temporary coverage requirements are unmatched. P4 also employs more active and retired police officers than any other Chicagoland security company, which gives them the opportunity to have access to accurate information, resources and personnel to proactively respond to any situation. 

As a matter of principle at P4, Steve Vitale, an Inverness resident, believes in upholding values, embracing culture and making a true difference in our communities. He is invigorated by building close relationships with clients, and due to continuous advancements in integrated guarding and protective services, those relationships continue to strengthen and evolve. This allows Steve to present new solutions and meaningful advancements to his clients. Having worked in the security industry for more than eight years, Steve began his journey with Securitas Security Services in 2013. Initially, he started as a business development manager (BDM) in North America supporting the downtown Chicago BOMA market. Shortly thereafter, his territory expanded to Milwaukee, WI. After developing long-term client relationships through his BDM role and leading a successful team selling program, Steve was promoted by Securitas in December of 2017 to Pacific Region Vice President (California and Hawaii). In this role, Steve was a strategic partner to the region president and CEO, with a specific focus on sales, technology and operations, overseeing more than 15,000 employees, including two dozen area vice presidents, as well as BDMs across the region. His leadership furthered the integrated guarding program's success, provided sales leadership and assisted in driving operational efficiencies to maximize the region’s performance. In June 2020, Steve made the transition back to Chicago to join the P4P team as a principal.

The P4 team was founded by security industry experts and former members of elite military and law enforcement units. Their deep Chicago roots give them a genuine understanding of the risks and requirements of their client base in the Chicagoland area, bringing together world-class professionals with various special backgrounds, each selected for their expertise and contributions in their respective fields. P4’s local Chicago team and ownership are supported by state, national and global resources — more than any other security provider in the State of Illinois, the city of Chicago and its suburbs. Their leadership team and principals are local Chicagoans who provide a boutique approach to service that many other companies cannot offer due to the recent acquisitions of other global security firms. P4 is not a team of changing faces and management; who you see managing your security program today is who you will see in the future. P4 specializes in protecting people and securing facilities and assets with their staff of expert advisers and consultants who have industry-leading experience in assessing facilities, analyzing security program systems and identifying cost-effective solutions. Furthermore, their officers are well-versed in unarmed/armed security, protective support, technology enhancements, emergency response, risk mitigation and, most importantly, customer service for their guests and employees. 

Their leadership team has over 250 years of experience in the Chicagoland market and has been personally vetted as the best of the best by leading industry experts who specialize in a range of vertical markets. Their four vested principals maintain active leadership roles in the day-to-day operations of P4 by adapting, understanding and maximizing all new and existing security technology systems at any property, as well as providing recommendations to supplement on-site officers with technology in the most cost-effective manner. P4 prides itself in establishing customized officer training because they desire that their officers understand the importance of the P4 culture, as well as the culture of any site at which they work.

What sets P4 apart from the competition is that they even offer a full spectrum of protective services outside of on-site guarding. They are committed to providing comprehensive solutions to anyone or any site to help safeguard people, property, guests and assets. Dedication to quality service and value drives success at P4. Their strategic approach provides clients with solid solutions to meet today's most challenging goals by customizing their services to meet the needs of each client. They pride themselves in their ability to support their clients from the inception of a project all the way through to its completion. P4P also understands the need to manage costs without compromising security. That’s why they’ve developed a multi-dimensional approach involving a combination of onsite, remote and mobile guarding as well as offering technology that provides the most efficient, cost-effective answer for any security requirement. When a client has remote guarding managed by P4, incidents are acted upon in real time and trouble can be deterred before it happens. This combination of smart technology and security expertise creates unprecedented efficiency to help protect a client’s facility 24/7. 

Given their business expertise in security solutions and the nature of what they do at P4, some advice that the staff can provide to prospective customers involves the importance of emergency and safety planning, which are vital to any business and any HOA. The four components of a safety and emergency plan include risk mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. A plan must also incorporate easily updated floor plans, response protocols to potential threats and procedures for crisis or emergency situations. Having a plan not only increases safety and minimizes risks, but also demonstrates the due diligence of business leaders who are vested in protecting their people, property and assets. Regular assessments of safety and emergency planning by a professional security firm are highly recommended, as threats continue to evolve during these uncertain times.

Business contact information: 
2801 Finley Road, Suite 103, Downers Grove, IL 60515