Park and Oak Design Studio

Meet Christina Samatas and Renee Di Santo

Psst, have you heard?  There is a new destination in Glen Ellyn to check out.  We are excited to Spotlight Park and Oak Design Studio and its two women Founders.
Let’s start with introducing the masterminds behind Park and Oak Design Studio, Park and Oak Collected and Parlour, Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto.  
Back in 2015, Christina was a local designer and Renee was a creative with a blog. These two businesswomen realized that by joining forces they could help each other. An invitation to be a guest blogger then evolved into let’s try one project together and see how it goes.
Fast forward 8 years and two offices later and Park and Oak Design Studio has expanded again. Now located in an impressive 7500 square foot new space that houses not only the Design Studio but also their store, Park and Oak Collected as well as Parlour, their new bar concept that opened in April.  This beautiful and awe-inspiring space is located at 499 Pennsylvania and its exterior style is becoming a focal point for Downtown Glen Ellyn.  
In their new building there are three customer facing spaces that allow the Park and Oak Portfolio to come to life.  And brilliantly it allows people to experience all the elements of their design work. These three spaces are divided by beautiful arched doors that can open or close depending on the situation needed.  The design studio offices are in the back. Though it is fun to see the designers in action in the showroom picking out fabrics and furniture for their clients.  
Within these spaces are Park and Oak Collected, which was the first to open in Spring of 2022.  It is the perfect place to shop for your home or pick up a home-inspired gift. Then this past April, Parlour at Park and Oak opened along with the new main entrance into Park and Oak Collected.  This is also an event space with a modern functioning kitchen and multiple sitting areas.  
This new pivot grew out of the realization that along the way they wanted to welcome friends, family and clients into a place that felt like one of our own homes, a curated experience.
How do these two local moms do it?   Well over the years, Christina and Renee have been committed to refining their process as well as learning and growing with each new experience.  What started with the two of them has grown to a staff of over 32 people to help with their vision. The team works on new construction, renovation, and furnishing projects across the US.
Let’s learn a little bit about the founders:
Christina Samatas is a Mom of 3 and started off in PR/Marketing. She went back to school for design and the rest is history. Mom of 2, Renee DiSanto is a creative with a background in photography, baking and content creating.  
What to know:
What is their signature look? Park and Oak is known for creating homes that are visually stunning, yet functional and comfortable.  Their work, rooted in the art of timeless style, is driven by the belief that design can be used to create feelings of comfort and happiness. It combines the best of their individual aesthetics for a unique look.
What is their why? 
It is the joy that both Christina and Renee receive by creating timeless homes that are a true reflection of the families they work with.   
What is hot and trending for 2023?
Cozy and Intimate spaces that feel inviting and personal
What is the Park and Oak go-to mindset on design? 
Timeless, not trendy.  If you stick with classic materials and finishes, you will love your home as much in 10 years ans you do today.
Why the name Park and Oak?
Back in 2015, Christina lived on Park Street and Renee lived on Oak Street.
Christina and Renee are thrilled to have their business in Glen Ellyn.  The Park and Oak offices have always been in downtown Glen Ellyn and it is a highlight to be on Pennsylvania Avenue.  They both were involved with Glen Ellyn Infant Welfare for years and they participate in events throughout Chicago, like the 2021 Lake Forest Showhouse, multiple GEIW Housewalks and the Hinsdale Housewalk.  
So do not mind the construction and stop into this cozy venue to shop and gather with friends.  It was meant to create community. Come on in and stay for a bit!
To learn more and see their portfolio check out their website at and Instagram @parkandoakdesign and @parkandoakcollected.  
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