Introducing Milo!

Hi, my name is Milo Esposito, I’m a male Mini Bernadoodle. I’m a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle. One of the main reasons my family chose my breed is because we are low-shedding which is great for people with allergies. Another reason I was the perfect dog for my family is because Mini Bernadoodles are loving and great companion dogs for families who like to spend a lot of time with their dog. I’m so lucky because I get to spend tons of time with my family!

My dad picked me up from the breeder in Indiana when I was 8 weeks old. He brought a special carrier in the car that he thought I was going to stay in while we made our way back to Glen Ellyn. Little did he know that he wouldn’t be able to resist my sweet face! He ended up holding me in his lap during the four-hour drive back. That’s probably when I truly fell in love with him. Don’t tell my mom and my two sisters, but my dad, Adam, is really my favorite human in the whole world!

I have two human sisters, Ava and Grace! They are so good to me and play with me and take me for walks. I hate to be away from them. This is embarrassing and naughty, but sometimes I leave a little poo by the Barbies in the toy room if my sisters are gone too long. I know it’s not nice, but I get lonely and angry if they’re gone, so I do that to let them know I’m not happy with them. I’m two and I’ve still got some things to work on. Lucky for me, they love me even when I’m naughty.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is to go to the lake. My grandparents have a house and a boat at Lake Carroll. That’s my happy place! Bernadoodles have a genetic predisposition to water. The Poodle was bred to swim and enjoy, so their offspring typically do as well. I have been going in the water since I was a puppy. I started off first going in my family’s little pool in the backyard. That got me prepared for lake life. My best friend, Vinny, is at the lake. Vinny is a four-year-old Cockapoo. He’s the coolest best friend a guy could have! He’s older than me and he has really shown me the ropes. I like to do anything that Vinny does. I saw him get on the boat and go in the lake without hesitation. I thought, if Vinny can do it, I can do it too! We have a really big floating mat that my family uses on the lake. I love to jump off the boat onto the mat. I’m still really nervous to actually get off the mat to get into the water or back on the boat. I’m going to work on being as brave as Vinny.

I don’t do a lot of tricks, but I sure do love my belly rubbed! As soon as my family comes home, I lay down on the tile on my back so that someone will rub my belly. Once I get my belly rubbed, I’m so happy and my tail wags like crazy! I do also love when my mom gives me bully sticks for a special treat. I also like dentastix which keep my teeth clean and freshen my breath! And who doesn’t love frozen peanut-butter, yummy!

Something really cool about my dad is that he also grooms me. Can you believe it? He watched a YouTube video on grooming dogs. He bought all the special tools needed. I really behave when he is grooming me. He puts me up on the table and uses special scissors to cut around my eyes and he has electric clippers. He even trims my nails. It’s the perfect set-up. I get to spend time with my favorite person and when he’s done, I look like a handsome devil!

I love it when we have visitors, especially little kids. I have certain kids that I act crazy with! I can be very calm if I need to though. I can sense when some kids are a little shy and not used to dogs and then I’m on my best behavior. I’m such a lucky guy! I have a wonderful family and a great bestfriend! What more could a Mini Bernadoodle need?