Meet Pablo!

by Ian Harden

Hello everyone, some of you may know me or recognize me from my many walks around Flying Horse, but for the humans who don’t know me yet, I’m Pablo, and I’m a 3-year-old Saint Bernard. I have lived in Flying Horse for a little more than two years, as I was lucky to find a great family to adopt me, and now, I live right next to a park and have a brother and two sisters to play and snuggle with.

I absolutely love to play with other dogs, and I think that every dog I meet wants to play chase with me. When I first moved into my new house, my parents didn’t realize how good of an athlete I am and thought I could play in the backyard unsupervised. I was a good boy at first, but when you live next to a park, and all that is separating you from dog friends and adventures is a short fence, you have to just jump it. Don’t worry. I didn’t get into too much trouble. I think they were more upset when I would go swimming in the pool in the backyard. I don’t know why my parents would put koi fish in a dog swimming pool, but they are humans, and humans aren’t very smart.

As I have settled in with my family, my days are full of walks, naps with my dad, and many trips to the mountains, and I love to go and watch my siblings play baseball and soccer. I say it's to support them, but I am really just looking for other dogs to play with and sniff. I also love when people visit the house. My favorite way to meet and greet is to stick my big head through the courtyard window to say hi. I think my family is pretty lucky to have me.

Anyway, don’t be afraid to say hi next time you see me. I love to be petted, but make sure you are ready because I have a tendency to lean into people as they give me rubs. Also, if you know of any grass spots that are extra stinky, please let me know because I love to roll around in them. Especially if my dad just took me to get a bath!!!