Meet Emmy & Blue

By Rachel Ford

Introducing Emmy and Blue! 
Emmy, is a beautiful golden retriever and Blue is part Italian greyhound and part chihuahua. They moved here from Austin, TX a year ago and are really enjoying the Flying Horse neighborhood! 

Golden retriever, Emmy, is 13 years old and came to her fur...ever home when she was six months old. She was supposed to be a show dog but flunked out of doggy beauty school when she was playing too hard with the other beauties and got her tooth knocked out! 

Emmy's name is very special!!! Her humans, Cheryl and Patrick, are film makers and they made a documentary about the history and legacy of the Army’s “Dustoff” medevac mission. When Patrick was in Afghanistan flying with the medevac crews they were called to evacuate a Marine dog named Emmy.  The military medevacs military service dogs just like they do service people, the highest emergency category, to get the dogs to life saving treatment. Unfortunately, Emmy did not survive. Not long after this experience a beautiful golden retriever puppy missing a tooth came to their household, and was named Emmy, in honor of Emmy the Marine hero! 
Emmy is a very sweet dog who loves kids and is really enjoying the Colorado snow!!!

Blue came home from a shelter in Texas five years ago. He runs 1000 mph (from the Italian greyhound line) and freezes and shivers in the Colorado cold (from the chihuahua line). His favorite thing to do on cold days is to sit by the fire! 

If you see Emmy or Blue out on a walk in the neighborhood be sure to say "Hello"! You are guaranteed to get an excited tail wag back!