Welcome to Stroll Flying Horse!

I’m excited to bring you the inaugural issue of your personalized neighborhood magazine, written by the residents and exclusively for the residents of Flying Horse. I hope you will enjoy Stroll Flying Horse!

Established 18 years ago, The N2 Company has become the leading provider of specialty magazines for residents of exclusive communities across the nation. Our passion is giving neighbors an opportunity to share stories and celebrate life with one another.
Each magazine is unique to your neighborhood community and will reflect who you are as a community, as it’s written by the residents and for the residents of Flying Horse. A typical issue will include your personal stories and your photos featuring neighbors and friends, social event information specific to your neighborhoods, key dates for the community, and reliable and reputable business sponsor information, as well as articles. This neighborhood-written magazine is designed to create a more meaningful connection between neighbors, friends, and families within your neighborhoods.

You’ll receive Stroll Flying Horse every month, thanks to the community support provided by our business sponsors. I’ve met with each one of them, and they are excited to meet you and earn your trust when the need to serve arises. We take pride in who we recommend and introduce to the community, ensuring that they can provide the types of services — and more importantly — the quality of service you need and want.

I’d like to personally thank all of our founding business sponsors who partnered with us to make this community-written magazine free to all residents. I'd also like to thank the many residents who contributed to the first issue. Stroll Flying Horse would not exist without you!

I have a family of five active teens, and I understand the importance of community while raising a family. I’ve already enjoyed meeting so many incredible people in the Flying Horse neighborhood, and I am looking forward to helping you share your stories!

Rachel Ford
Area Director/Publisher