Weekend Getaways

It’s June and a great time to plan some time to visit some of the local sites. Whether it’s to cool off from the local heat or to take a road trip to see some spectacular sites, these four places are a must-see for the Arizona enthusiast.

1) The Grand Canyon – There is a reason this area is visited by millions of people. Not much can compare to the iconic desert side in the south or the dense forests in the north where people have seen herds of wild bison. For some, the treasure in that area is the most beautiful hike in Arizona at Havasu Falls, which sits on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. For this life-changing adventure, you need to plan it about a year in advance, as you need a permit and a reservation, which are for three nights. 

2) Monument Valley – This area offers some of the most iconic formations in the area. Located about a five-hour drive from Desert Mountain, it's right on the state border. The area offers incredible sandstone buttes that have been featured in some film classics, and you can see the area from your car, horseback, or even guided tours.

3) Page –This locale is definitely worth the drive. Lake Powell on the north end has everything you need for a weekend getaway with camping, boating, or kayaking. But what makes the trip worth it is visiting Horseshoe Bend. This scenic rock formation was carved out by the Colorado River, and in our opinion, is a must-see.

4) Prescott – Its motto of "Everyone’s Home Town" couldn’t be more accurate in this small pioneer town. The small-town charm is accompanied by watering holes along Whiskey Row which used to be the stomping grounds of famous cowboys like Wyatt Earp, his brother Virgil, and their friend Doc Holliday. As an added bonus, the live music in the area is said to be some of the best in the state.