Meet Cosmo and Sambuca

Owner’s name: 
Jane Huey

Type of breed: 

Name, gender, and age of pets: 
Cosmo, female, 11 years old, and Sambuca, female, 7 years old.

Is there a story behind their names?
I have named all of my dogs after alcoholic drinks.

What nicknames do you call your pet?
Cosmo's nickname is "Little One," and "Sammy B" for Sambuca.

What’s the story about how they became yours? 
Both of my dogs have come from different breeders, who I found at various dog shows.

Does your pet have any special talents? 
Cosmo has done agility at AZ Sports; we had a lot of fun competing. 

How spoiled is your pet? 
I would say VERY!

What adventures have you taken with your pet? 
We love to take walks around Desert Mountain and Carefree Ranch. Their best friend is Roxy (Debra Aronson's dog) who regularly joins us for these walks.