I’m Beeks the cat. I know you’re thinking, “Why Beeks?” Humans have trouble with simple things, like naming their pets. When I arrived from the Harrison County Humane Society, the folks here followed me around, calling “Baby Kitty, Baby Kitty.” Ridiculous, right? They lazily changed this to BK, which was still too much for them. So now I’m Beeks. 

It’s the perfect time to get into some mischief. The humans are out of town, so they rely on neighbors to look after me and my grouchy old companion, Rocky. You can see him sneaking up from behind in my photo, but he can’t catch up with me. I’m pretty busy guarding the house, playing fetch with myself and watching birds at the window. It’s pretty cool to have the run of the house here in Imperial View. I can’t wait until my humans take off again! 

Thanks to the Benn family for sharing Beeks with us!