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Welcome! Let’s get to know our neighbors.

We know genuine connections with neighbors next door and business owners down the street make for a more meaningful experience. And we believe getting to know people in our community should be simple. That’s why Stroll meets you where you’re at – your mailbox.

We are grateful to serve this amazing community.

Every month, we share stories from and about different residents within our neighborhood.

See below for a few of our recent favorites.

1. Mitsou MacNeil, right, puts the finishing touches on the Old-Fashioned Christmas tree at the 2022 festival, while Lynne Tarr and Cynthia Bequette look on. This lush, seven-foot fresh-cut tree was donated by the Bedford Men’s Club.
Festival of Trees and Christmas Market

With the Bedford Women's Club

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Retired Sgt. 1st Class Doris Buecher, U.S. Army W.A.C.
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Kevin and Caroline Verow
Driving Fast, a Gala, Safety Complex Open House, and Beautyfest Wrap Up
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Getting Involved

Sydney Buffett

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Derryfield Open House, PTG Ski Sale, Santa

And More!

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Destination Dining
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Lynn Zimmerman

Lynn Zimmerman

I have lived in Bedford with my husband and two daughters since 2010. My team and I run Greet Bedford and BeLocal Greater Manchester. I have over 20 years of experience in publishing. In 2003, while working at Conde Nast Publications in New York City, I remember thinking it would be really smart for someone to publish a magazine about normal people. Fast-forward 15 years, and that is what I started to do. I love this concept because the magazine is written by the people reading it, so it is social media in print. This works for two reasons: 1) social media is hugely popular, and 2) print is 2-3 times more trustworthy than digital. It is the best of both worlds.

The magazine shares positive information about the people who live in Bedford and reputable local businesses. We also offer new homeowners welcome programs and business and resident events. Each month, this publication helps support nonprofits in the fight against human trafficking.

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