Getting Involved

Sydney Buffett

As a freshman back in 2019, I was determined to join any and every club that I could find; although some stuck and some did not, I ended up with a wide variety of extracurricular involvements to fill my schedule. It was these experiences that helped me to form strong friendships and create lasting memories to enrich my time at Bedford High School.

As a part of the BHS Model UN team, I traveled the country with my peers, competing at conferences in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and more. I debated a wide range of pressing issues, ranging from the Rhodian wars to the role of monopolies in the Gilded Age to drug crises in underrepresented nations. Participating on this team helped to develop my public speaking skills and problem-solving strategies, which has served me well in other areas of my life.

        I also participated in the BHS Student Council throughout my four years of high school. By serving as my class’ Fundraising Coordinator, I worked with local businesses and organized fundraisers for the school. Working in both small and large groups taught me the importance of collaboration and delegation, and I also had a great time working with a fantastic group of peers and teachers.

        I joined the BHS Science Olympiad team at the beginning of my junior year, and it has been fantastic to participate in group competitions regarding a variety of scientific topics. The fast-paced environment and collaborative setting tested my critical thinking skills and practical knowledge in a way that made me excited for a future in science. Traveling to different universities and competing with friends only enhanced the amazing experience. By serving as one of two Presidents in my senior year, I was also able to gain experience in organization and flexibility when assigning events and planning practice competitions.

        Throughout high school, I was able to become more connected to my community through participation in community service groups. By acting as one of the Presidents of both the Rotary Interact Club and the Pawsitive Cause Club, I was able to find and create opportunities for students to engage with the town of Bedford. Through Rotary, I participated in Clean Up Days, Raffles, Bell Ringing, and making cards for local retirement homes. Through Pawsitive Cause, I helped spearhead supply drives and fundraisers for local shelters and animal hospitals. These efforts were aimed at increasing student involvement in new and exciting ways, promoting intergenerational connections and awareness of community events.

        I am extremely grateful for my involvement in many sectors of BHS, as it resulted in meeting many new friends and gaining a plethora of valuable life skills. My advice for any current high schooler would be to join any group that seems interesting and not be afraid of new experiences. I feel extremely confident heading into college and beyond, as my extracurricular involvement at BHS has prepared me for many important aspects of life.