You are Invited to Participate!

Join our Stroll Asharoken Team

We are currently looking for volunteers who would like to take a more active role in contributing to Stroll Asharoken.  If you like to meet fellow neighbors, you can help! 

We are looking for: 
PUBLISHER - Looking for a career change? Ever dreamed of running your own small business? Reach out if you're interested in running this Stroll Asharoken franchise. 

WRITERS/JR. WRITERS (ADULTS OR STUDENTS) - A great way to participate in your neighborhood magazine and for students to gain valuable resume experience. Many neighbors are excited to tell their stories but just need help writing them. Students will earn valuable experience by contributing to their community newsletter!

CONTENT TEAM MEMBER - Do you live in the Asharoken area and enjoy meeting neighbors? We would love to have you on our Content Team to help us find stories, photos and more and help grow the pages of Stroll Asharoken and connect neighbors.  

RECOMMENDATIONS - Is there a local business you love to support? Do you own a business and live in the Asharoken area? We would love to support you! Business owners in the Stroll Asharoken area are eligible for a FREE listing in the resident business guide and we always love to collaborate and support other local businesses doing high-quality work. Please contact and we will be happy to help develop a plan of action that is right for you!

To submit an idea, photos, or article, please email

To sponsor our Stroll Asharoken magazine, contact Carolyn Walkin at