laughter, competition, and camaraderie reign supreme in this Asharoken household

Scott and Catherine lead a deliberate life with the natural world, where days are filled with exploration and creativity.

Northport High School sweethearts Scott Hartinger and Catherine Wallack shared a vision - raising a family in a mindfully constructed home with natural elements that bring the outdoors in. Both spent years honing their careers in various cities but felt a pull to return home to our area to begin moving that vision to reality. 

Scott Hartinger, a self-employed carpenter, started his first business at age ten mowing lawns and shoveling driveways on Peterborough Drive. His path led him to Manhattan College to study engineering, where he honed his skills and learned the technical aspects of building. From a young age, Scott had always enjoyed using his hands to build things, and his education in engineering further fueled his passion for creation and construction.   During that same time, Catherine had embarked on a journey in the art world. She attended Parson School of Design and completed an internship at a renowned museum which led to her first career.  

The couple found themselves working for the same world-renowned artist, Enrique Martinez Celaya. Catherine was the studio manager, and Scott was project manager.  Together their jobs were to ensure the artist's visions came to life. The collaboration extended beyond the world of art. Scott and Catherine also worked together on numerous commercial and residential real estate projects. It was during this period that their love for collaboration in the real estate industry deepened, ultimately leading Catherine to obtain her real estate license and has been a Real Estate Agent with Lucky To Live Here Realty for over six years.  

During the pandemic, Scott and Catherine divested several investment properties and acquired a bank-owned property. The property boasts two significant structures originally built for The Crest Estate.  The primary house, a Mid-Century Modern A-frame, was constructed in 1959. The front of the A-frame is a spectacle of glass, accentuated by the carefully crafted cedar eaves by Scott. The cistern, a tank designed for water storage,  is 10' deep in the ground and 23' in diameter above ground built around 1880. The cistern also has a small A-frame built on top. Once renovations are complete this structure will be used as a home gym, a guest house and a play area.

Scott's dedication to this project went beyond craftsmanship; it was a labor of love. He stayed true to the period, respecting and preserving the original design elements while enhancing the home with contemporary conveniences and modern amenities. The outcome is a seamless fusion of past and present, where each corner of the house reflects a piece of history.

As a project manager for Martinez Celaya, Scott brought his skills and expertise to redesign the layout of the A-frame. His role was instrumental in maintaining the integrity of the Mid-Century Modern materials and aesthetics.

“Asharoken, our hometown, is the perfect blend of living in the woods by the water,” Catherine states.  This is the chosen neighborhood to create a nurturing environment for their family and is conveniently “just one hour from the hustle of New York City and has easy access to international flights”. 

Both Scott and Catherine are actively involved In the Asharoken community.  Scott is a board member for the Eatons Harbor Corporation. Catherine is committed to environmental preservation and serves as a member of the conservation board. The shared experiences have not only shaped their individual journeys but also influenced the couple to make Asharoken their home. Combined talents, passions, and community involvement have allowed Scott and Catherine to create a unique haven, rooted in history and built for the future.

Far from ordinary, this family refuses to conform to the typical suburban family. Embracing a minimalist Montessori lifestyle, the Hartinger Wallack home is a sanctuary of simplicity, a place where less is truly more. Instead of a television, the natural world is invited in, and joy is found outdoors tending to chickens and nurturing a garden. “Every detail in our home is thoughtfully curated to foster creativity and independence in our daughter”.

Lillian, age 7, attends Trinity Regional School and is the heart and soul of the family.  She spends hours uniquely exploring her world. Her mud kitchen, a simple yet wondrous creation, becomes her canvas for imagination and discovery. With boundless freedom, she concocts nature's recipes and bakes mud pies, forging a connection with the earth that many children today seldom experience.

The free spirited attitude doesn't stop at the front door. Stepping out to the private beach, a serene escape from the busyness of life is where the Hartinger  Wallack family finds quality time. Here, the waves gently lapping against the boat provide the perfect backdrop for treasured moments and endless adventures. 

Whether it's hiking in the serene outdoors, embarking on new travel adventures, conquering the slopes during ski trips, or strolling through art galleries in Chelsea, our lives are brimming with experiences.  In this special home, family bonding takes center stage. Scott, Catherine and Lillian enjoy cooking together and have created traditions including weekly game nights and movie nights in the warmer weather where laughter, competition, and camaraderie reign supreme.  

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The A-frame isn't just a house; it's a testament to the unwavering commitment to history and the art of blending the old with the new. It's a home where the past lives harmoniously with the present, creating a truly unique space.