Rob Thomson Invests Big in Cutting-Edge Technology and Charity Work

In the ever-changing world of real estate, where many brokerages are tightening their belts during market downturns, Rob Thomson, long-time Admirals Cove resident and luxury broker, is blazing a different trail. Known for his exceptional service and dedication to the community, Rob has recently made a substantial $1.5 million commitment to long-term technology and marketing partner Real Estate Webmasters (REW). His forward-thinking approach aims to leverage new trends in AI and embrace a new global MLS while upgrading to REW’s Renaissance platform.

Rob, the owner of Waterfront Properties, has collaborated with Real Estate Webmasters since 2005, offering top-tier technology and marketing solutions to his luxury sellers. When he learned about REW’s innovative AI Robot, REWPert, and the global MLS, he saw an unparalleled opportunity to position himself at the forefront of the industry. Recognizing the significance of AI in real estate, Rob knew that these cutting-edge capabilities could attract ultra-high-net-worth buyers to his property listings, and he wasted no time in seizing this chance.

In this ambitious endeavor, Rob will work closely with Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters, and David Abernathy, a seasoned business manager and marketing expert in the real estate realm. Together, they aim to build a next-generation bespoke luxury follow-up system on top of REW’s award-winning Renaissance + REW CRM platform.

Abernathy explains that the combination of their unique follow-up systems and the exposure of a global MLS will be a game-changer for their sellers. Increased traffic, inquiries, and higher selling prices are expected to result from this forward-looking move, empowering agents with more tools for successful listing presentations and winning more contracts.

The partnership between Real Estate Webmasters and Waterfront Properties runs deep, with a longstanding friendship between Morgan Carey and David Abernathy in the real estate technology domain. The collaboration between the two has led to numerous successful projects generating billions of dollars in transactions. Waterfront Properties holds an impressive record, boasting the most projects of any brokerage, a remarkable 545 projects, and has logged the most hours by any brokerage with less than 1,000 agents, an impressive 12,627 hours. Many of the processes and systems employed today, including the ‘retainer program,’ were born from this fruitful partnership, cementing Waterfront Properties as an industry leader not only in Jupiter but globally.
The multi-year upgrade project initiated by Rob, David Abernathy, and Morgan Carey will be implemented in phases, starting with an upgrade of the Waterfront Properties website to REW’s Renaissance platform. Subsequently, new custom CRM features will be integrated for Waterfront agents, and there will be a deeper integration of the global MLS and AI.

In line with their commitment to excellence, the trio has also launched an intensified search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click marketing campaign. The campaign is designed to drive additional traffic to their luxury listings and developments while providing more leads to their agents. Early results are promising, as the company-generated leads have already more than doubled within a month.

Apart from his passion for real estate, Rob Thomson’s dedication to charitable work is well-known within Admirals Cove and beyond. He actively supports various community initiatives, contributing to the welfare and prosperity of the neighborhood he cherishes and numerous non-profit organizations in South Florida.

Rob’s decision to invest in cutting-edge technology and his unwavering commitment to charity work exemplify his character as both a successful luxury broker and a compassionate community member. Admirals Cove is fortunate to have such an exceptional individual, and we eagerly await the positive impact his initiatives will bring to our community and the real estate industry as a whole.