There's something incredibly special and satisfying about taking a weathered, lackluster boat and making it shine like it did on the day it was first bought

Hello there! I'm William Blake, and I've got a deep passion for all things water-related. Growing up in the beautiful city of Baltimore, Maryland, I developed a love for fishing, exploring, and being around the water. My journey in the marine industry began during my high school years when I landed my first job at the Baltimore Yacht Club in Essex, Maryland. I had the exciting task of working at the fuel dock in the marina, where I had the pleasure of interacting with boat owners from all walks of life. Witnessing the array of boats and meeting the wonderful people who owned them when they stopped for fuel left a lasting impression on me.
It was during this time that I realized my calling: I wanted to build a career in the marine industry. In 2020, I made the move to sunny South Florida, determined to chase my dream. I started by working in boat detailing, dedicating two years to honing my skills and perfecting the art of bringing tired, dull boats back to life. There's something incredibly special and satisfying about taking a weathered, lackluster boat and making it shine like it did on the day it was first bought. The sense of accomplishment I feel after finishing a boat, knowing all the hard work I've put into it, is truly fulfilling.
Here at Liberty Marine, our primary mission is to make our customers happy. We achieve this by paying meticulous attention to the finer details that others might overlook. Honesty is our guiding principle, and we always strive to provide the best service, promptly and professionally.
Boat maintenance is crucial, especially in sunny South Florida, where the powerful UV rays can take a toll on your boat's gel coat and shine. Without proper protection, boats can start to oxidize, resulting in that chalky, white substance you might have noticed. Oxidation can be a headache to remove, often requiring a layer of the boat's gel coat to be buffed away. Once you reach the fiberglass layer, re-gel coating your boat can be a costly affair. After buffing, it's essential to follow up with polishing to eliminate any small scratches and swirls that may have been created during the process, and finally, apply wax to preserve that beautiful finish.
At Liberty Marine, we use only the finest products for your boats. Our compounds include Presta gel coat compound and super cut compound. For polishing, we rely on Presta Ultra Polish and Starke Elevate. When it comes to waxing, we trust Shurhold polymer wax. We also use other top-notch products like Fitz metal polish, Shurhold brush heads, extendable poles, Starbrite deck cleaner, mildew remover, rust remover, and West Marine soap.
What sets us apart from the competition is our unwavering commitment to detail, personalized customer service, meticulous scheduling to remind our clients when their boat is due for a detail, and competitive pricing that beats out larger companies in the area. Additionally, we offer flexible wash plans, whether you need weekly, biweekly, or monthly services, tailored to your boat usage.
I'm genuinely excited about the opportunity to meet you and help keep your boat in tip-top condition. Let's embark on this journey together and ensure your boat stays clean and sparkling.
Warm regards,
William Blake (410-979-3416)