JBH Energy Solutions

Delivering customized and correct solutions for his customers is one of Ben Haws’ superpowers. As an HVAC professional and the owner and operator of JBH Energy Solutions, Ben spends his days addressing comfort issues and ensuring that the systems he designs are a perfect fit for their spaces. “System design is the most important part of a heating and AC system,” he said. “I really enjoy making sure the right system is in the right house.”
Recently, Ben worked on a job for a customer who shared that several companies had been out to his house, but Ben was the only one who offered to size the system to the home. “The others said it was not necessary,” Ben said. “Our belief is that it is 100% necessary.”
Ben has many happy customers, like the one who called Ben’s fix for severe noise coming from his furnace a quality-of-life improvement. Five people had been out to this customer’s house, and Ben was the only one who took the time to listen and fix the problem. 
Solving customers’ problems and the positive feedback that follows are the most rewarding parts of Ben’s work, which began shortly after high school when he attended trade school and then went to work for a property management company repairing hundreds of systems in the Dayton area. Ben then worked at the University of Dayton, where he focused on commercial and industrial equipment. Inspired to branch out and work for himself, Ben formed JBH Energy Solutions in 2014 and launched his full-time endeavor in 2016.
Specializing in maintenance, repair, and installation for the residential market, Ben, a Dayton native and a graduate of Wright State University with a degree in finance, is proud of his small, local, family-owned business. Whereas larger chains have more overhead and must move more products, Ben does not have to sell a set number of units just to break even. “We are not going to push equipment,” he said. “Our overhead is low, which we pass on to the customer with high-quality work at lower rates than the bigger chains can offer.” 
Another benefit of partnering with JBH Energy Solutions: “We invest in training and education to stay current with the fast-changing HVAC world,” Ben said. “We are in a constant state of change with regulatory changes and new technology coming out.” 
Ben regularly shares his wisdom and advice with customers. For example, he is an avid advocate of the pre-season check. “Some people call it a tune-up or preventive maintenance,” he said. “We call it a clean and check.” Last summer, JBH Energy Solutions did more than 150 clean and checks, and only one came back with an issue. “We can identify weaknesses before the system fails,” said Ben, who is also strict about filter maintenance. “Most issues we see with units we can trace back to poor filter care, which stresses the system and kills efficiency and energy use.”
When he is not busy working, Ben pours his energy into his family, which includes his wife and two children. The family enjoys being active and spending time outdoors, and Ben and his wife aim to travel with their kids to all 50 states before they are out of the house. Ben also enjoys tending to his lawn and his backyard vegetable garden.
Ben, the main point of contact at JBH Energy Solutions, welcomes the opportunity to consult with neighbors about their HVAC needs. Please call or text him at (937) 681-5547 or email jbhenergy@gmail.com to touch base. You can also learn more about the business online at jbhenergy.com.