Wyomissing Hills 1915

A Residence Suburb Sales Booklet

Wyomissing Hills, Incorporated, was the owner and developer of the about 200 acres we all know today as Wyomissing Hills. In 1915 they produced a 20-page beautifully illustrated booklet to attract potential property owners to build homes in the “Hills.”
The developers were sure to point out that “Wyomissing Hills is not a swift turn, quick money, lot selling scheme, but a well-matured carefully considered plan of development that will hold in the long run.” They described it as a “Suburb De Luxe.”
The booklet is filled with wonderful drawings and images of the planned streets and homes. It includes important information such as accessibility by “trolley and motor car.” Proximity to the main thoroughfare Penn Avenue, Wyomissing Boulevard and other roads, and the city of Reading. Detailed descriptions are written in a long passed colorful style of 1915.
Desirable Restrictions are listed in terms of, for residential purposes only, detached houses only, set-back lines, fixing free or open spaces on each side of the houses built, and “requiring pole and wire lines, for lighting and telephone service, to be placed at the rear of plots.”
The Selling Prices in Wyomissing Hills. Per foot front prices ranged from “$12.50 to $20, with no assessment for street improvements,” and descriptions are given as to what types of homes were allowed to be built.
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