Parisi Lemonade Stand

Passed on to the Next Generation

Parker Rothermel and George Bennethum

Wyomissing resident Beth Daly shared this wonderful photo with us. She told us, “My dad, Vince Parisi built this lemonade stand over 25 years ago for my youngest son, Shea. He and his buddy Devin Flannery spent an entire summer making a ton of money selling lemonade.”

Beth explained. “It’s built like a wheel barrel, and the back side is open so they can put the lemonade, umbrella and supplies in it, lift the handles and roll it wherever they want it to be. My sister painted it. I then passed it on to one of my younger sisters, whose children are much younger than mine, and she recently passed it on to my daughter for her kids. It has now gone into a second generation of young entrepreneurs on the boulevard. I just think it’s a sweet story. The taller one in the photo is my grandson, George, with his friend Parker. Good things stand the rest of time.”