Meet Elise!

Name: Elise Kloske
Grade: 12th (CLASS OF 2024!)
School:  York Suburban
Activity: Link Crew (Elise is also a Varsity Cheerleading and Distinguished Young Women participant)

How and when did you get started with Link Crew?
Link Crew started to end in my sophomore year and I decided that after Covid, freshmen needed help getting set back into reality. Link Crew leaders are upperclassmen student volunteers who are committed to helping freshmen have a great first year of high school!

What do you enjoy about leading Link Crew?
I enjoy being able to help others lead and mold younger grades' minds and lives

Tell us something you recently achieved in Link Crew.
I’m now a commissioner!

Is there something that makes you stand out as a leader?
I can juggle emotions and maintain a high quality Link Crew program.

What is your favorite memory from Link Crew?
I loved having my group of freshmen watch me cheer at games! 

Name someone you admire. What makes them special and how have they motivated you?
My mom has always taken charge of her activities and has taught me that no one will get it done how you like but yourself.

What an awesome act of service Elise! Wishing you a wonderful senior year and a smooth Link Crew transition!