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Welcome! Let’s get to know our neighbors.

We know genuine connections with neighbors next door and business owners down the street make for a more meaningful experience. And we believe getting to know people in our community should be simple. That’s why Stroll meets you where you’re at – your mailbox.

We are grateful to serve this amazing community.

Every month, we share stories from and about different residents within our neighborhood.

See below for a few of our recent favorites.

The Brockie Mansion

Loved & Restored by the Messina Family

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Meet Elise!
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Sip N Seminar with Bellomo & Associates
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Living in pain?

Learn How the Zerona Laser Helps Decrease Pain!

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Restore. Refresh. Relax.

Turn Back the Hands of Time with Lines, Lips and Glow

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January to December, the Cover Stories of Stroll Wyndham Hills’ 2023 magazines have chronicled our neighborhood’s heartwarming moments, creating a vivid timeline of a year well spent.

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Looking back at the Precious Pets of 2023

whether it's the comforting purr of a cat or the enthusiastic wag of a dog's tail, furry friends effortlessly carve out a special place in our hearts

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Stroll is made possible by the great local businesses who support this magazine. If you’re ever in need, please keep them in mind!

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Meet Your Publisher

Emily Cover

Emily Cover

As the Publisher/Area Directer of Stroll Wyndham Hills, I orchestrate the creation of an upscale publication for the desirable community of Wyndham Hills and affluent surrounding areas. My daily pursuits revolve around a blend of writing, event coordination, and most significantly, forging connections between Wyndham Hill families and local businesses.

I help these local businesses brand themselves as the go-to choices through print ads, digital ads, and in-person social events. What’s unique about this relationship approach to advertising? Since the content of every magazine is written by and about the families who live in these communities, we guarantee that their ad is being seen every month by their target demographic, keeping services top of mind for when our readers have a need.

There is power in being a business that gives back to and is connected to the community, and I love being an avenue for that opportunity through Stroll Wyndham Hills!

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