The Fay Family

The dogs are fed, and I can relax for a moment. Here is my story:

I got married the first time and had two daughters. Don died in a boating accident and I ended up marrying his boss a couple years later. Sort of went from labor to management (Grin). Anyway, John has loved my two girls for close to 42 years now.

Kasey, my oldest, just turned 45. She gave me two wonderful grandchildren, Abby (13) and Noah (15). We have also added a step-granddaughter, Mya (14). Katie (43), my youngest, has not settled down yet. She is finishing up school online for medical management and also puts in long hours at her job. Both live right here in Jacksonville.

John and I were relocated to Jacksonville about 38 years ago from South Dakota. First time without SNOW!  John was brought up in Syracuse, NY, and I was brought up just outside of Boston. So we had never escaped the cold and snow. We decided after just two weeks here, we would NOT move again!

This is our final move, I think. We love the King and Bear, and we have made so many wonderful friends. Before building this beautiful house, we lived on the St. Johns River. We couldn't ask for a better location, and we were there for 16 years. But we realized how isolated it was. Time to make a final move. The neighborhoods are beautiful here in the King and Bear and everyone is active. We have been here only six months, but I already play lots of card games here, and John enjoys golfing.

We have two dogs that were featured in a winter issue, and they haven't changed. Daisy is still laid back, and McGyver, who has ADHD, still wears me out chasing him while on his next adventure. I swear I'm getting too old for TWO Goldendoodles!

They are NOT my hobby. Ha, ha. I love to do crafting of all kinds, and making greeting cards is my favorite. John has really enjoyed golfing, and he loves fishing. Life is good.