Wine Suggestions

Have you ever gone into a restaurant, looked at the wine menu, followed the recommendation of the server, and thought, “Wow, that was a great wine!” Then you go into your local retailer and walk up and down the aisles looking for that bottle or something similar and feel overwhelmed? There are so many options and not always someone around to lend a helping hand.  Here are a few recommendations for the next time you are looking for an amazing wine that is budget-friendly.

Juggernaut Cabernet from the Napa region of California is a great wine for the price.  It can be found at many local retailers and won’t break the bank.  This wine quickly became a favorite at Southern Vibes and is one we try to keep in inventory.  It is a big, intense Cabernet that will satisfy even those very sophisticated palates.  It is easy to drink, and the rich fruit flavors do not disappoint.  The Juggernaut Cabernet pairs perfectly with bold, red meats or your favorite charcuterie. 

Another favorite red is The Badgerhound Zinfandel from Ammunition Wines.  This wine has a fun label that pays homage to Zinfandel’s Italian and American Roots. Coming from Sonoma County, CA, this wine demonstrates all the things we love from Zinfandel. At over 15% alcohol by volume, The Badgerhound packs a punch but do not be fooled. The intense, dark fruit flavors followed by the vanilla bean and spice imparted from the French Oak give this budget-friendly Zinfandel all the qualities that its pricier counterparts boast. Pair this wine with any of your favorite BBQ.

For my white wine friends, let’s explore wine from South Africa.  The Essay White is a great white wine blend that is Viognier, Chenin Blanc, and Roussanne. It has the crispness and acidity that you love from Sauvignon Blanc but has the fruit flavors of Chenin Blanc.  The aromatics from the Viognier and the fruity yet mineral components from the Chenin Blanc have made this wine a favorite among our white wine-drinking friends. It is easy to drink and perfect for the Florida weather.  Enjoy this wine with sushi, oysters, curry, and any summer salad.

Shopping for budget-friendly wine can be intimidating. There is nothing worse than opening a bottle of wine and discovering you really don’t like it. Don’t be discouraged; there are really great wines that won’t break the bank! With the help of your local wine shops and sommelier staff, they can assist you in finding the perfect selection for your occasion.