The Harvey Family

Rewarding bonds from generation to generation

The power of family cannot be overstated. When you join together, share life and give everything you have for each other, life can be a truly rewarding world.
    That’s the way it is for the Harvey family in Hanbury Court — Rita Harvey, her daughter, Shanna, and Shanna’s 2-year-old daughter, Maurabelle, who goes by Marbi. They also enjoy time with their two calico cats — Lovey and Casey.
Passion for the Neighborhood
“We love the playgrounds for Marbi and go most days; as well as the walking trails, pool, fitness room and friendly neighbors,” Rita says. “We love that there are so many things to do nearby for example Springgate winery and good restaurants close to home. We have the convenience of living seconds from the turnpike taking us to Philadelphia or Pittsburgh and all points in between.”
    Rita is a recent retiree as a mental health professional, including working for 30 years providing services to clients in school, home and community settings. In her last assignment, she was at Hill Top Academy.
    Shanna has followed Rita’s career path as well. She is a pre-licensed mental health therapist, and she recently graduated earning a master’s degree in clinical counseling from Messiah University. Shanna has two private practice office locations in the Lancaster area and is accepting new clients. She also provides telehealth.
    As Shanna says, “I like approaching my clients holistically, incorporating the mind-body connection which has a role in a person's mental health.”
    Marbi started preschool in August. She is a member of My Gym, a Paulus Farms season pass holder and will soon begin swim lessons.
Free-Time Favorites
Rita, Shanna and Marbi like taking in all that the area has to offer, including art festivals, visiting coffee shops, walking and going to Paulus Farms. “We also like to go to the many area playgrounds that Upper Allen has to offer,” Rita says. “We’re so lucky to live within walking distance of the nicest playgrounds in Pennsylvania.”
    Another favorite through time has been travel. Shanna started traveling in middle school as a student ambassador and has traveled extensively learning about different cultures around the world - Australia, Indonesia, Canada, several countries in Europe, Italy for four months and a recent three-week trip to Ireland.
    “Yes, Marbi has a passport and went to Ireland too!” Shanna says with a smile. “Of all the places around the world I’ve visited, my favorite place is right here in the US … Hawaii.” Through time, Rita has also enjoyed traveling to places such as Montreal, Bermuda, Bahamas, Aruba, Argentina, Mexico and many other Caribbean Islands.
    The Harveys enjoy cooking together and trying new recipes. “We don't eat much red meat. We like to make homemade pizza, Asian dishes, and soups in the winter,” Rita says. “We love to bake, keeping it gluten-free when possible. We enjoy a mostly pescatarian diet. When we go out, we like restaurants such as Luna, Snappers, Thea’s, Cracked Pot, Down to Earch Café and Café 100.”
    The Harveys are also involved in the community. Rita works and volunteers at Messiah Lifeways as Guest Services Concierge and also cares for her elderly father, a Vietnam veteran, who lives independently at a local senior community since Rita’s mother passed in 2020.
    Shanna is a registered yoga teacher (RYT). She studied and became certified in Bali, Indonesia. Shanna works out every day – taking part in yoga, palettes and walking.
One for All
Together, Rita, Shanna and Marbi form a loving, close-knit family. “We are highly educated and continue learning every day. Shanna was conditioned to be college-bound, growing up and watching her mom always taking courses and studying at the dining room table. No doubt, Marbi will be college-bound too,” Rita says. “We are a small family and work well together, supporting each other when life gets busy, which lately seems to be all the time. Family comes first.”