Shout-Outs from Residents


Name:                    David Reim 
Birthday:               February 1
Age:                       53
From:                     Courtland Park
Family Members:  Wife- Heather
Name:                    Lisa Montgomery
Birthday:              February 16
From:                     Cortland Park
Family Members:  Husband – David
Name:                     Beza  Reyot
Birthday:               February 14
From:                   Park view
Family Members:  Almaz ( mother )  Reyot ( father ) Yene ( brother )
Name:                     Ben
Birthday:               February 22
Age:                       4
From:                    Highland Ridge
Family Members:  Mom- Becky, Dad-Brian, Brother-Ethan 
Name:                    Brian
Birthday:               February 26
From:                    Highland Ridge
Family Members:  Wife- Becky, Son-Ben, Son-Ethan

Name:                     Ken & Patty Houck
Anniversary:          February 6
Years Married:       53
From:                     Dorset Square on Keswick Court

Name:                   Raquel and Kevin O’Brien
Anniversary:         February 24th
Years Married:       7
From:                     Northern Spy 
Family Members: Pets  Nico, Amelia & our dog Levi

Name:                   Tim & Amy Ryan
Anniversary:         February 20th
Years Married:       31
From:                     Dorset Square on Keswick Court