Building Dreams: The Story of Blue Mountain Trim & Construction LLC

David Lichtenberger, the driving force behind Blue Mountain Trim & Construction LLC, is
a hometown hero with deep roots in the Cumberland County area. His 25-year journey in
the construction industry mirrors a commitment to family values and an unyielding work

Born and raised in a family deeply tied to farming and the independent brethren church,
David's father, a farmer and a construction veteran of over 30 years, passed on a legacy
of community values and diligence. With a carpentry background, David's career started
at 14, working on a farm and later transitioning to carpentry. By 2007, he took a leap of
faith, starting his own business that initially focused on interior trim work and odd jobs.

Blue Mountain Trim & Construction LLC has evolved over time, specializing in outdoor
living solutions, decks, and porches. This shift in focus was strategic, aligning with the
evolving demands of the construction industry. What sets Blue Mountain Trim &
Construction LLC apart is not just the quality of work but the emphasis on customer
communication. David and his team believe in understanding the client's vision for each
project, fostering open dialogue to ensure not just satisfaction but exceeding

As David offers advice to residents contemplating construction projects, he
underscores the importance of thorough planning. A recommended lead time of 4 to 6
months, especially for larger projects, ensures a seamless process, fostering smooth
coordination between the client and the contractor.

David attributes his success to the values instilled in him from a young age. With a
family of his own – his wife Alicia and five children – he remains anchored in the
principles passed down through generations. Blue Mountain Trim & Construction LLC is
more than a business; it's a testament to David Lichtenberger's journey, perseverance,
and dedication to providing exemplary construction solutions to the community he calls

In a world where construction businesses may be seen as merely transactions, Blue
Mountain Trim & Construction LLC stands out as a beacon of personalized service and
unwavering commitment. The tale of this construction enterprise goes beyond the nuts
and bolts; it's a narrative of family, hard work, and the realization of dreams in the heart
of Pennsylvania.