Introducing Nest Kitchen, Bath & Home Design

Unexpected events often force us to make pivotal decisions that shape our future. For Ashleigh Schroeder, the closure of one company became the catalyst for a remarkable journey. Just a few days after National Kitchen & Bath closed in Webster Groves where she had worked for the past 15 years, Ashleigh had a dream that would change her life forever. In this dream, she saw her new business card with the name "NEST" and a tree logo. The intriguing aspect was that the tree was drawn by her father, who had passed away just six months earlier. Upon waking, Ashleigh found the original drawing and discovered a little nest in the tree that she had never noticed before. It was as if her father was sending her a sign, guiding her toward this new path. Ashleigh officially opened Nest five days later, which happened to coincide with her late father's birthday. Though he was no longer physically present, Ashleigh felt his spirit and influence throughout the journey of establishing her own company.
Ashleigh Schroeder's background in Interior Design and her passion for creating functional and beautiful spaces led her to specialize in kitchen and bath design. Her experience working for various design firms and an architect before entering the kitchen and bath industry provided her with invaluable expertise and insights. Nest is not just another interior design firm, the team takes the time to understand each client's unique vision, needs, and preferences, whether it's for a single room, an entire home remodel, or even new home construction. With a keen eye for detail, they work closely with clients from the initial design phase to project completion, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.
With more than two decades of experience in the design industry, Ashleigh Schroeder is not only a certified professional with NCIDQ and CKBD credentials but also a valued member of ASID, NKBA, and W2W women's group sponsored by NKBA.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Ashleigh is a busy wife and mom and certified yoga instructor. She actively participates in the non-profit organization Givin' It All for Guts, supporting individuals seeking a cure for Crohn’s Disease and Colitis through research and compassion. 

Check out Nest Kitchen, Bath & Home Design today – a full-service interior design firm founded with a vision and inspiration that touched both her heart and soul!
Nest Kitchen, Bath & Home Design
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