The Stenavich Siblings

Green and Gold All The Way

The Stenavich Family: Parents, Adam and Katie, Siblings, Hadley, Maggie, Tim and Joe

In this neighborhood, we support the home team! We have been blessed to support a winning team for many years. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the players, coaches, and support staff who reside in our neighborhood. We know the effort and teamwork it takes to build a winning team. And while our season may have been cut short, we certainly did have a lot of great moments to celebrate this season!

This month we feature the Stenavich siblings on our cover. Sporting the green and gold, supporting their team and family, and sharing a little bit about themselves, each other, and what it means to be Green Bay Packer fans!

An interview with the kids:

Hadley, age 11, is a fifth-grader at Holy Family Catholic School. She is one active girl, playing basketball, softball, and volleyball. These are a few of her favorite things: 
Favorite Subject in School: Spelling and Art
Favorite Meal: Pasta Primavera
Favorite Dessert: Anything chocolate (especially Reese’s)
Favorite Vacation: She has two favorites, Hawaii and Mt Rushmore
Favorite Green Bay Packer Player: Billy Turner

Maggie, almost 10, is a fourth-grader at Holy Family Catholic School. Right now, she enjoys playing basketball. And she shared a few of her favorites as well:
Favorite Subject in School: Art
Favorite Meal: Spaghetti
Favorite Dessert: She is a candy girl
Favorite Game: Roblox Brookhaven
Favorite Vacation: Hawaii
Favorite Green Bay Packer Player: She has two, Aaron Jones and Aaron Rodgers

Tim is the older of the two boys. At age 6, he is a kindergartener at Holy Family Catholic School. Tim plays baseball and was happy to tell us all about his favorite things:
Favorite Football Team: The Packers (of course)
Favorite Meal: Spaghetti
Favorite Vacation: Florida
Favorite Green Bay Packer Player: Mason Crosby
Favorite Way to Watch the Game: At home with his family

Joe, the baby of the family, is almost 3, and attends Royal Montessori Academy. His sisters tell us they just can’t get enough of this cutie. They love his personality, his humor, his beautiful smile, and the way he mimics everything they say and do!
Favorite Food: Pizza and Hot Dogs
Favorite Book: Pete’s A Pizza (especially when mom reads it)
Favorite Saying: Go, Pack, go!

The Stenavich siblings love their school and enjoy living in this neighborhood, especially because they have friends that live close by. They love ice skating as a family during the winter. And when it comes to game day, they love cheering on the Green and Gold. The girls enjoy their game day charcuterie tradition and don’t even mind when they have a house full for the game and are “banished to the basement."

We all have our game day traditions and have enjoyed plenty of wins this season. Things don’t always pan out how we hope, but we can count our blessings for the season we had and the opportunity to celebrate Sundays in Green and Gold fashion with friends and family all around.

Congrats to Coach Stenavich on his promotion within the organization. And thanks to these siblings for sharing the details of what it is they love most!