Christian Alfano

Mira Costa High School Football

Position: Wide Receiver

How long have you participated in this sport?
I’ve played football since I was 6 years old, starting with flag. I began tackle football my freshman year of high school, and have been in love with it ever since.
Who do you look up to in this sport? Who are your heroes? 
I look up to Jerry Rice because of his impact on the game as the greatest receiver of all time. Also, I’m a 49ers fan. 

Which team are you on and where do you practice? 
I’m on the Mira Costa Varsity football team. We practiced in Waller Stadium during the season. 

Have you met anyone famous in this sport? 
I have met many Hall of Famers, including Big Willie McGinest, Michael Strahan, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, Tony Gonzales, and Rob Gronkowski.  

What awards or honors have you won? 
I have won scholar-athlete all four years of high school. 

What have you learned from participating in this sport? 
I learned discipline by going to practice every day and working hard as a team. Also, it taught me how hard one can push oneself.

What do you like the most about the sport? 
I like the toughness it takes as a team to excel in football. It builds a sense of unity that is unparalleled to anything I’ve been a part of. 

What is your favorite moment or memory of the sport? 
We made it to the CIF Semi-Finals in Division 7 my junior year and it was a very fun ride because we defied the odds every game.