Bob Bakes, Co-Founder and Head of Design at Bakes & Kropp

How to Bring Warmth to a Contemporary Kitchen

The demand for contemporary kitchens, characterized by sharp, clean lines and a minimalist design ethos, is gaining momentum. These modern kitchens are loved for their cool, sophisticated ambiance but are also often criticized for feeling too sterile or impersonal. The secret to crafting a timeless, inviting living space lies in infusing these modern designs with elements of warmth. Bakes & Kropp is thrilled to guide you through our expert strategies for creating contemporary kitchens that are not only aesthetically sound but also exude warm comfort. Dive into our signature Soft Modern design philosophy, a harmonious blend of contemporary sophistication with elements of warmth, and discover how to achieve a kitchen that balances style with welcoming appeal. 
Incorporate Natural Materials  

Our approach often involves balancing luxury high-gloss finishes, indicative of modern cabinetry, with the warm, natural textures of wood. Oak and cerused walnut are favored finishes that add a homely feel through open shelving or accent panels. Butcher block and wood countertops are another excellent way to introduce warmth. We pair refined and natural wood in dual-surface islands as well for a soft, balanced look. Additionally, materials like natural stone or terracotta tiles add texture and an organic touch, especially as backsplashes, offering a striking contrast to sleek surfaces. 
Upgrade + Diversify Your Lighting
Lighting is crucial in modern kitchens, not only for functionality but also for ambiance. Bright, focused LED task lighting is essential for preparation areas, while warmer, ambient lighting suits serving and entertaining spaces. Design elements like pendant lights or integrated cabinetry lighting also add a layer of sophistication and coziness. You can also consider dimmer switches to allow for flexible lighting that suits different times of the day and desired moods, transforming the kitchen from a practical workspace to a relaxing entertaining space. 
Use Color Thoughtfully
Color also plays a significant role in our Soft Modern kitchens. While contemporary designs often favor neutrals, adding vibrant colors like deep reds, earthy oranges, or bright yellows can make the space more inviting. These hues can be incorporated through art, textiles, and decor, enlivening the space subtly yet effectively. 
Greenery is becoming increasingly popular for its calming, biophilic effects. Leafy plants not only add a splash of color but also bring a piece of nature indoors. For those seeking a stronger connection to the outdoors, installing large windows can flood the kitchen with natural light and provide views of the changing outdoor landscapes, seamlessly integrating the beauty of nature with the interior space. 
At Bakes & Kropp, it is our mission to design timeless kitchens that blend visual allure with a sense of warmth and comfort for striking designs that remain ever-relevant.  


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