Congratulations to Our Stroll The Cliffs Scholarship 2022 Winners!

We are so excited that the Cliffs Scholarship program continues to grow.  This year we thought we were giving out three scholarships, but with the help of Priority One Plumbing and Heating, we were able to award four scholarships!!!
We are very proud to announce Stroll The Cliffs Scholarship 2022 award winners: 
Ethan McGrath, Samantha Willey, Ryan Gula and Amy Parkinson!
Through their hard work and determination, they have proven to be students that our community magazine wants to recognize and encourage to continue your educational effort.  
We wish you all the best in your continued education!

A special thank you to our scholarship sponsors:
Barbara O'Hara with NorthStar Real Estate
Brian Lithway with BDL Heating & Cooling Inc.
Pat and Lisa Powers with Powers Energy Corporation
Andrew MulCahy and Josh Wietecha with Priority One Plumbing and Heating