Welcome to the Neighborhood, Henry Wilson

Wisteria Way

Hello, my name is Henry Wilson. I am a 10-month-old English cream retriever. My family adopted me in March, eight weeks after I was born. They also call me White Boy and On-Rey, like the famous French soccer player. When I got to my new home, my new family was so excited to meet me that I got lots of hugs and kisses. I think they were crying too. My mom had a bunch of bow ties that she loves to put on me. I found out that it had been a while since they had a dog and they had wanted me for a very long time.
I am still a puppy, even though I look like I am all grown up. Sometimes I get in a little bit of trouble for chewing on things that I am not supposed to, like the pillows on the couch.   I am learning fast, and I have toys that I am allowed to play with that I love. My dad takes me on a walk in the neighborhood almost every day, and I have so many friends, both human and other dogs, that I love to see.  I get very excited to see them, and sometimes I scare them because I have gotten so big, but I just want to play.  
Other than going on walks, I love to go to the bus stop with my family and wait for the kids to get home.   Every once in a while, I get to run across the street and see my friends Bogey, Bailey and Cookie.  Sometimes I go on a golf cart ride and visit my other friends, Yogi and Indiana; they are so much fun to play with.  I am so happy to be at my new home with my new family, which gives me so much love.