Sarah Brady, CEO of Aligned Design on Creating Bespoke Interiors for Modern Families

Transforming homes into joyful sanctuaries that serve clients’ needs.

Aligned Design work on a comfortable and stylish sitting room for enjoying music and cocktails in Chevy Chase Village.

Sarah Brady grew up immersed in a world shaped by her mother's passion for antiquing, roaming the aisles of antique stores and vintage thrift shops on the lookout for hidden treasures. Her childhood desk was a Queen Anne Secretary, and she slept in a four-poster bed. Wallpaper adorned the home, and far from finding it stifling, she discovered beauty in the rich history and impeccable craftsmanship that surrounded her. 

Today, as founder and owner of Aligned Design Interiors, she carries this appreciation for the past into her projects. Her specialty is seamlessly blending antique pieces and family heirlooms with modern silhouettes, patterns, and textures to breathe a fresh and contemporary spirit into the realm of timeless design.

Aligned Design Interiors is uniquely able to accomplish this as a licensed general contractor and an interior designer. Sarah and her team not only design the space but also adeptly manage construction, furnishing, and decorating, employing a holistic approach for a comprehensive process from start to finish.

Sarah learned the importance of this on her very first project — her own home in San Francisco that needed total gutting and renovation all while she was pregnant with her first child. Formerly a reporter and producer for National Public Radio and a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia, her love of design and innate talent for spatial layout and style blossomed during that project, and she realized then that interior design was her calling. Clients began hiring her and Aligned Design Interiors gained momentum there. In 2017, Sarah and family relocated to Bethesda. Since then, she’s collaborated with countless clients to design and decorate their homes, serving as general contractor on an award-winning full-scale home remodel, and managing various smaller-scale projects including renovations for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. 

Often, clients come to her because they are ready for an upgrade to their living spaces, wanting to invest in high quality and durable furnishings, window treatments, lighting, and all the elements of a well-designed space; or they are ready to renovate their kitchen, bathroom or basement. They feel frustrated because they don't know where to start, or are intimidated with the process, she notes. This is precisely where Aligned Design comes in, providing guidance and solutions to enhance their living spaces.

Most want a blend of style and functionality, which Aligned Design accomplishes through the use of performance materials, layered textures, patterns, and beautiful furnishings. “Our clients consistently tell us how they simply love being in their home and find great joy being there. It’s like home therapy,” she says. “A well-designed home goes beyond aesthetics; it has a tangible and positive impact on our clients’ everyday lives. We believe that our clients should love coming home.”

Sarah’s early work at NPR, in the Peace Corp and on architectural solutions for humanitarian crises for the nonprofit Architecture for Humanity imbued her with the ability to ask the right questions to gain a deep understanding of clients’ needs and desires. These experiences enable her to create functional spaces that best narrate a personal story about a home’s inhabitants.

 “My objective is for the design to function as an authentic reflection of my clients' lives,” she says. "We ensure that their voices are not only heard but also integrated into the design journey, fostering a collaborative approach that extends beyond merely executing a design vision.”

The commitment to provide a holistic, client-centered design experience, including efficiently managing the construction process, sets Aligned Design apart from others businesses in the interior design realm. “We take pride in offering a personalized experience, recognizing that each project is as distinct and special as our clients themselves,” Sarah says.

Understanding the impact of good design on well-being is crucial, Sarah says. “You do not need to live with feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction regarding your home. Beauty exists within every environment, and engaging a design firm with the skill to reimagine your spaces can enhance your satisfaction, bringing you years of joy, contentment, and lasting pride.”

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In 2020, Aligned Design Interiors collaborated with Leveille Home Improvement Consultants to undertake a comprehensive renovation of a pre-existing Bethesda home. Leveille assumed the role of general contractor during the framing phase, subsequently transitioning responsibilities to Aligned Design Interiors, which as the general contractor and construction manager oversaw material and finish selection as well as subcontractors across various disciplines, including mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, and culminating in the more “designer” details of wallpaper installation and lighting. 

The home achieved remarkable success in the real estate market and recognition from the Maryland Building Industries Association, winning the prestigious Gold Award for Custom Traditional Home Under 4,000 square feet.

This award underscored the importance of a cohesive and well-coordinated approach, where attention to detail, material selection, and effective management of subcontractors are essential components for a successful project. The result was a completely transformed space, a testament to the visionary design and meticulous execution demonstrated by Aligned Design Interiors and partners.


"Working with Sarah at Aligned Design was a delight.  Having moved from a cozy Capitol Hill townhouse to a far more spacious Chevy Chase colonial, we had to start from square one.  We were looking to decorate in a style that would be elegant and timeless, but also practical and comfortable day-to-day for an active family with small children. The result was better than we could have imagined, equally capable of hosting formal cocktail parties and kids' birthdays -- and everything in between."

--Jonathan and Jennifer, Chevy Chase Village