Strolling through Southern Hills with Ranger

Tom and Jennifer Philp's pup found his forever home during a local shelter event.

Tom and Jennifer recently shared the story of Ranger, their four-year-old hound/terrier mix that has been living with the family for the past three years. 

How did Ranger become part of your family?
Ranger came to us through Broken Arrow Rescue Community (BARC), and we are so grateful for the family that fostered him before he joined our family. We adopted Ranger at a local "Clear the Shelters Day" event sponsored by KJRH- Channel 2. Several months later, we saw a "2 Cares for the Community" promotional on TV that featured a brief video clip of a dog that looked exactly like him. It didn't take long for us to realize that it actually was a video of Ranger on the day we had adopted him! So now we call him our little movie star.  

What kind of personality does Ranger have?
Ranger is a playful, alert, curious, cuddly, good-natured, and gregarious pup who loves to be around people. He seems to be especially happy when our house is full of family and friends.

Describe a day in the life of Ranger:
After waking up and eating breakfast, Ranger bounds about greeting each family member as they get ready for the day. Then after running around in the backyard for awhile chasing squirrels and exploring all the latest outdoor scents, he likes to settle down for a long morning nap. He takes his role of watch dog very seriously throughout the day by attentively alerting us to anyone who might be approaching the house. The afternoon and evening bring opportunities for more naps, cuddles, and walks, followed by dinner and time for playing with squeaky toys. He celebrates our return every time we arrive home from school, work, or outings. And boy, does he enjoy getting his daily snacks--rawhide chews and Pupperonis are big favorites. As for bedtime, our snuggle puppy made it clear to us early on that he is a devotee of creature comforts, preferring fluffy blankets on the couch to his doggie bed at night.  

Ranger's favorite activities include chasing balls, going for walks, playing tug-o-war, and running in the yard--he is quite a fast sprinter. He is also extremely affectionate and loves to be the center of attention, cuddling with anyone who is so willing.   

Does Ranger have any tricks?
Ranger has taught himself how to push open doors in our house with his nose. That nose also happens to be a very sensitive sniffer that likes to smell anything and everything that crosses its path.  As you can imagine, this makes for some pretty slow-paced meanderings through the neighborhood and at the park...I guess you could say we really do STROLL Southern Hills!