Who is Foster Davison?  He’s a terrific 3rd-grade boy who attends Nativity Parish School in Leawood, Kansas.   Being a 9-year-old also means you are involved in lots of other activities like CYO basketball and pre-compete swimming at the Jewish Community Center. Foster is swimming freestyle and backstroke this season.  You can be sure that whether he is playing backyard football or jumping on the trampoline, Foster wears the appropriate jersey! 

Foster is the eldest of Nick and Melanie Davison’s three boys. He takes his position seriously and is a protector of his younger brothers.  He is a somewhat reserved fella that prefers hanging out with his brothers or a single friend.  He loves reading and is currently reading Wings of Fire, a fantasy dragon series, and Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books.  He was also chosen to represent his third-grade class in the school-wide Religion Bowl where he competed with his knowledge of the catechisms. 

Other Foster favorites are playing video games like Mario Kart and Madden.  If it's Foster's pick, Cactus Grill is the preferred restaurant and the espinaca dip is his favorite!  

Foster is very passionate about the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes!  This past February, Foster dressed as Patrick Mahomes in a famous person “wax museum-like” project at school.  During this event, students stand and recite information about their character as others tour around the various figures learning facts about each person.  

The family travels to Table Rock Lake in the summer and Foster enjoys the water and boating.  He is not a big fan of speed though and mostly likes the pontoon or a speed boat that goes slow!  Spending time at Dauphin Island and playing at the beach and in the ocean might be his best vacation though. 

One not-so-favorite time was at East Lake outside of Newton, Kansas.  Foster and his brothers were swimming at the beach in what they described as “gross water.”  Foster’s younger brother had cut his foot and Mom Melanie jumped in the water with her clothes to help him.  At the same time, Foster saw a snake swimming directly toward him.  Melanie recalls Foster swimming about as fast as he possibly could and climbing on her too.  In Melanie’s words, “Foster lost his mind!”  Needless to say, it’s a story to remember.