Debbie and Mike!

Debbie and Mike in Cuba-"Such a fun trip!"

How does a girl who grew up on a farm raising cattle in Osceola, Missouri and an elementary teacher from Rolla, Missouri end up living in Leawood, Kansas?  Let's just say, a lot of education and some crazy luck.

Mike Peaslee and Debbie Morton met in college back in 2001.    Debbie was getting her undergraduate biology degree and Mike was in elementary education.  

Debbie was interested in Agronomy and decided to enter Purdue University where she studied turf science, lawn care, and golf course management.  Her master's research was in the use of new products with weed control.   Meanwhile, Mike was teaching special education.

Mike and Debbie were married in 2004 and joined the Leawood Country Club in 2009.  They lived across the way from Leawood South in the Cherry Creek development.  Finally, in 2018, Mike and Debbie bought a townhome in Leawood South.  Debbie remembers saying when they found their home, "We're never selling this place!"  

Debbie is happily employed with Clarke, a company that sells mosquito control products and equipment. She is especially proud of the company as they are a company of sustainability and organic products and are zero waste and earth conscious. 

 Mike's father passed away in 2013 but before he did,  had arranged for Mike to have an interview with Exltube.  The company makes steel pipes and tubing.   Mike was hired and made the transition from teaching to management in a company where he felt so much passion.

Mike and Debbie love the people in Leawood South and are very active at the Country Club of Leawood where they participate in the men's and women's league golf and tournaments.  They even live on hole number 2!

They love developing lifelong friendships in the neighborhood and often spend time traveling with friends.  They have a goal to travel every month somewhere whether it be to close by at Weatherby Lake or the wine country in California.  They love the beaches and trips to Costa Rica, Belize, Florida, Cuba, and the Virgin Islands.   Italy in the fall is their next destination!

Debbie also keeps busy volunteering with the American Red Cross, gardening, crafts, reupholstering and baking!  Mike loves his workouts in the mornings and is a golfer, as well as crafty and creative.  Debbie claims Mike is the "idea man," and she takes his ideas and executes them!

The couple have two cats, Penny and Atticus who were featured in last month's Stroll!

Debbie says she and Mike feel it is important to plan for the future but live for today!