Desert Ridge Gems


Located just five minutes from Sky Crossing, Desert Ridge Marketplace offers great shopping, chef-driven restaurants and a place to connect with friends and family. Here are a few of our favorite spots to visit! 

radi8 HOT YOGA cultivates the complete yoga experience, nourishing your mind, body and soul. Our skillful teachers and friendly Experience Team aspire to inspire and are committed to providing the most premium yoga experience for each and every practitioner. Our space is your sanctuary — a positive, loving, healing and welcoming environment to decompress, de-stress, relax, smile and have fun! radi8 HOT YOGA is for all levels — beginner to advanced — and will leave you feeling balanced, detoxified, refreshed and re-energized. radi8's practice room features state-of-the-art heat, humidity and air purification systems, along with antibacterial flooring. Our restrooms feature spa-like amenities, including showers and anything you need to enrich your time with us. radi8's Retail Boutique arrays uniquely handpicked clothing lines like Alo yoga and Spiritual Gangster and top-of-the-line yoga gear that will keep you radi8ing everywhere you go. Enjoy free parking, and don't forget to check out our brand-new cold plunge only at our Desert Ridge location! Visit Contact us at 602-805-8888 or
Dakota London
Due to the complexity of hair extension techniques and applications, we felt the only way to become true experts was to offer one service and one service only. So we created AZ Strands hair extension salon which later developed into Dakota London Hair Extensions.
Here at Dakota London, we take away hair extension fears.  With our cutting-edge InstaQuote tool you can get an exact hair extension price quote while you’re on the couch watching your favorite guilty pleasure. Located near Ulta at Desert Ridge Marketplace!

Share Life. Share Love. Sharetea.
Sharetea offers an eclectic lineup of tea drinks concocted utilizing high quality tea leaves and carefully selected ingredients to appeal to all taste buds. Enjoy traditional favorites like the iced or hot brewed green or black teas, classic milk teas, freshly pureed fruit flavors, ice blends and creamy concoctions. Those feeling adventurous can add-in boba, ice cream, jellies or pudding. Sharetea is located inside of The District near The Splash Pad.

Dirty Dough
Dirty Dough cookies are engineered from the inside out, with every cookie featuring some combination of layers, mix-ins, or filling within the dough. The unique flavor profiles, like Caramel Apple and Brookie, along with our signature Raspberry Toaster Tart, and trademark gooey goodness of our cookies set us apart from other cookie-cutter brands (see what we did there?). Enjoy a weekly rotating menu of cookies.  You can even top it with ice cream to make a Dirty Zookie!  Now Open in The District Near AMC Theatres.

Cupbop serves simple, fast and tasty Korean BBQ in a cup. Bop translates to “steamed rice” in Korean, so Cupbop simply refers to “steamed rice in a cup.” Every main menu item comes packed with rice, cabbage, sweet potato noodles, and protein. Unique twists and special sauces make Cupbop a new style of Korean food. Cupbop is located inside The District near Cafė Zupas.