Say Hello to Guzman

Guzman, our almost 4-year-old Springer Spaniel, is the heart of our family. He is liver and white with a pinkish nose. Guzman was born blind in one eye, but that has not impaired him in any way. His eyes light up with excitement anytime someone mentions the word “walk”. It doesn’t matter if it is sun, rain, or snow, Guzman is always up for an outside adventure. He can be seen walking the village streets, running on the fields by our house, accompanying our family on a hike, and even boating on Skaneateles Lake. In the summer, he spends as much time as he can swimming in the lake and scaring away any duck that comes near the shore. In the winter, he prays for snow. Guzman absolutely loves the outdoors.

Guzman is a people person. When he isn’t outside, he is either lying right next to one of us or begging to be played with. He loves to bring us a toy and then nudge us until we play with him. He has mastered many tricks. A family favorite is “dead dog”, where he lies on his back with all 4 of his legs "rigor mortis" in the air. Guzman might sound pretty perfect, but he can be a little naughty. He has been known to steal a hamburger right off the counter if he is given the opportunity. Sometimes he needs to be put in timeout!

Even though Guzman can get into some trouble, our family feels so fortunate to have such a loving and friendly dog.