Meet Senior Agnes Collins!

Full of aspirations for the future, Agnes is a vibrant student at Skaneateles looking forward to graduating this spring!  

Throughout her high school career, Agnes has maintained a balance between the arts and academics.  Most notably dance, which has been a part of her high school career since the age of four.  Through several years of competitive dancing, Agnes has experienced various styles of dance but just recently discovered her love for ballet.  Now Agnes trains five days a week at Ballet & Dance of Upstate NY, the studio where her passion, under the guidance of talented instructors, all began.

Beyond the world of dance, Agnes holds a deep interest in science and a fascination with human anatomy that can be traced back to her earliest memories as a child.  Additionally, Agnes’s aspirations in pursuing a career in the medical field stem from the incredible legacy of her paternal grandfather, a distinguished luminary neuropathologist, whose stories have become an endless source of curiosity and drive for her medical career.

However, outside the dance studio and science lab, Agnes is always advocating for social issues, especially women’s rights.  Her position as president of Skaneateles High School’s Women’s Rights Club only further highlights her commitment to creating positive changes in not just her community but being a part of the change she wishes to see in the world.  Furthermore, Agnes’s dedication to humanitarian efforts will continue to expand as she was recently given the opportunity to participate in an ophthalmology medical mission in La Ceiba, Honduras, in April–a further testament to her determination and compassion in creating a palpable difference in the world.

Next fall, Agnes will continue her academic career at Boston University, fulfilling her dreams of living in a vibrant city while pursuing her passion for science.  While enrolling in the College of Arts and Sciences with a major in biology with a specialization in neurobiology, she eagerly anticipates pursuing a track in pre-med.  But Agnes’s new chapter at Boston University is not just confined to science alone.  She plans to minor in dance while balancing her studies!  

Be it in the dance studio, science lab, or at a rally, Agnes’s drive and well-rounded talents will surely be a force of positive change throughout the world!