Calling all residents! We want to hear from you...

STROLL Scarsdale is all about you and your neighbors. We encourage your involvement! Let's celebrate your family and all that is good in our community. If you have any article or story suggestions, we'd love to hear from you! 

If you, a friend or a family member would like to be featured in your community magazine, please email for more information. 

Pictures — We love pictures! Parties, graduations, family events, kids playing, holiday gatherings, vacations and more! One of the best parts of your new community magazine is the involvement of neighbors. Pictures are an easy way to help support the look of the magazine, as well as bring smiles to your neighbors and friends.

Neighborhood News — Any activity going on in the neighborhood or the surrounding area, such as parades, block parties, book clubs, social events, fundraisers, pool parties, or golf events. We want to let you know what events are coming up and highlight events that have taken place!

Meet Your Neighbors — Each month, we spotlight one of the neighborhood families. Every family in the neighborhood is unique and has a story! Nominate your family friends!

Precious Pets — If you have a pet and want them to be famous, nominate them for our "Precious Pets" article. Pets are our pride and joy, so let us feature yours!

Resident Recipe — Let some of your cooking secrets out to the neighborhood! Share the ingredients and preparation advice, plus a photo is always nice, too! 

Athlete Spotlight — Whether you are 1 or 101, a ballerina or a football player, this section is for you! We would like to highlight some great athletes from the neighborhood. 

New Arrivals —Welcome new babies into the neighborhood, as well as congratulate proud parents and grandparents. Please include basic birth information along with those precious baby photos!

Making a Difference — Let others know about your passion for a charitable organization and bring awareness to the cause. Giving back to the community is a big deal, and we want to spread the word!