My Hobbies: Tabb NJROTC Program

My life in Tabb’s NJROTC program started in 9th grade, walking into that classroom on the first day. My plan was to do it for one year, see how I liked it, and decide from there. That one year gave me more fun and friendship than I could ever have hoped for.

In Tabb NJROTC you come in as a freshman not knowing anything about NJROTC. I didn’t know squat about marching, knowledge, uniform maintenance, or leadership. By the end of the year, I was commanding sequences for our drill team, earning medals from our brain brawl team, getting top scores on uniform inspections, and was in position of leadership all throughout the unit. Looking back at the summer before 9th grade, I am shocked at how little I knew.

My favorite things about NJROTC are the teams and opportunities it has for us. There is something for everyone. Our drill team, for marching around and going to huge competitions, teaches you better comradery than anything else. Our Orienteering team is like a treasure hunt through the forest. Our Brain Brawl team, a jeopardy-style game, is planning on going to nationals this year and has won numerous events. We have an athletic team, a drone team, a cyber security team, and so many more. The possibilities are endless.

Tabb NJROTC is headed by a fantastic cadet staff. Around two dozen cadets, the best of our unit, carry out the plan of the year, nearly independently. Most operations in the unit are student run, by our team commanders or staff members.

Tabb NJROTC is a great program, having taught me leadership and citizenship, but I still have much to learn. Kids talk to your parents, and parents talk to your kids about NJROTC. I will be glad to see you in the unit, and trust me, you will be glad to be there.

Signing off,
- Cadet Petty Officer Shannon Pegher