Meet Robert "Bob" Barker

Family member names: Tom, Catherine, Mick and Grace Gillespie
Type of breed: Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle)
Male or Female: Male
Pet’s age: 3 ½ years old
Where/when did you get your pet? Bob joined our family in August of 2020 at eight weeks old from Roanoke, IL. We wanted a dog for a while and decided that this was the perfect time since we were all home due to Covid. Is there a story behind the name? Bob is named after the dog from the book The One and Only Ivan. Our kids, Mick and Grace, read this book a few months before Bob arrived and loved all the characters, but especially the mischievous and fun-loving Bob. Our Bob’s middle name (Barker), pays homage to the animal-loving Bob Barker, host of The Price is Right game show.
Is there anything special or unusual about your pet? Bob lives up to the Cockapoo temperament being very friendly, affectionate and social. He enjoys greeting everyone with a jump, licks and tons of excitement. Bob is just 16 pounds so almost everyone enjoys the attention. The fall season can bring mixed emotions for Bob, while he loves exploring new things on his walks, he’s often terrified by all the Halloween decorations on the neighborhood lawns. 
Does your pet have any fun personality traits? Bob has lots of odd quirks, but one that stands out is his ability to stand on his back legs and wave his paws over and over in a clapping motion. He does this when he wants attention, a toy or a treat, which is often. He can stand like this with his paws waving for almost a minute! 
How has your pet enriched your family? Bob is the number one snuggler in the house and loves playing fetch more than anything, but unfortunately, he flunked out of obedience training! His cuteness and soft coat make up for his sometimes silly behavior. Bob is the first dog in our family and is truly the fifth family member. He’s brought our family so much joy, laughter and love.