Brett Harman

Age: 15
School: Maine South
Sport: Wrestling
Team: Varsity 113lb 
How long have you participated in this sport? I have been wrestling for about 11 years since my dad took me to practices when I was 4.
What is your favorite teacher/mentor’s name? My favorite coach through my 11 years of wrestling is my dad. He was my first coach and coached me for the longest. He is my favorite because of the connection that we have together. Since he is my dad, he understands me better than anyone else.
Where do you normally practice? I wrestle for Maine South. I also train and wrestle with the Izzy Style Wrestling Club. Before high school, I wrestled with the Maine Eagles. 
Have you traveled anywhere related to this sport? I've traveled to Utah, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and Kansas, to compete. We've also gone to Michigan to watch wrestling.
What events have you participated in? I have competed in USA Kids Nationals Freestyle and Greco, Brian Keck Memorial Preseason Nationals, Northern Plains, Central Plains, and Southern Plains tournaments.
What awards or honors have you won? Some awards that I have won are senior co-mvp of the Maine Eagles, Outstanding Freshman for Maine South last year, All-Conference in the CSL, IHSA regional champ, and IHSA state alternate.
What have you learned from participating in this sport? A lesson that I have learned from wrestling is that hard work pays off. In my first few years of wrestling, I didn’t appreciate the hard work and didn't enjoy the sport. Therefore, I struggled and never found much success. Though around 7th grade I focused more on wrestling and improving myself. As a result, my past 3 years of wrestling have been the most successful.
What is your favorite moment? My favorite moment so far in wrestling was when Maine South won the CSL (Central Suburban League) team title.
What do you plan on doing after graduating? I want to wrestle at the D-1 level. 
One tip for someone looking to get into this sport: Don't get down on yourself. Wrestling is tough and you may want to quit, but if you are trying to improve yourself, success will follow.