July in the Great State 48

It’s July and there’s no denying it – gas prices have caused many of us to rethink our summer travels. Whether paying more for airfare or filling the gas tank, cutting back one of the out-of-town summer trips is on the agenda for many of us this year.

With average temps in Arizona ranging from a high of 109 to a low of 70, we have some great reminders of where you can find cooler temps and enjoy our beautiful state. Here are a few of our favorite stops to get your “Great State 48” juices flowing:

(****Insert Syrah Sign Pic from Cottonwood)
~ Wine enthusiast? Check out wine festivals and tasting rooms in peak season in July, both in Jerome and Cottonwood. This area is known for its higher elevation and sandy soil of Northern Arizona, but lends to wines you would see in Southern France or Argentina. Enjoy!

(*****Insert Antelope Canyon Pic)
~ Scenery connoisseur? Antelope Canyon, with its jaw-dropping swirling orange sandstone, is a great visual escape. Near Lake Powell for accommodations or water fun, and also near Page.

(*****Insert Lowell Observatory Pic)
~ Star Gazing? The Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff is arguably one of our state's “coolest” places to see the stars and enjoy the cooler climates. Founded in 1894, Pluto was discovered with one of the mega telescopes you can enjoy.

(*****Insert Grand Canyon Helicopter)
~ Grand Canyon in a new way? Enjoy one of the helicopter tours with Maverick Helicopters and bring up to 6-7 friends along.

(****Insert London Bridge Pic)
~ London Bridge without traveling to Jolly ‘ol England? Trek to Lake Havasu and enjoy a stroll across the London Bridge there. This bridge was actually built in 1831 and crossed the Thames in London. But when it started to sink, an American tycoon moved it, brick by brick, to our beautiful state. 

Whether you want to jump off a cliff into the water or visit cliff dwellings at Walnut Canyon our state has lots of “cool” things to do this July.  Enjoy!