An Evening at Anticus

In April, An Evening with Anticus was hosted at Anticus Fine Art Gallery. The event was catered by My Conscious Chef and live music was performed by Rachel Mari Kimber. Guests gathered from Desert Mountain and Paradise Valley to enjoy the immersive art experience and delicious cocktails. The gallery is so grateful to have been able to host an event at such a beautiful venue.

At Anticus, they believe that the most important function of a home is to create a unique and intentional sanctuary – one that calls to you when you're away and welcomes you when you return. A trove of culture filled with art and books.

How their vision came to fruition is a story decades in the making. Phillip Payne came from a family of artists. His father was a true pioneer in the art world, opening the first studio gallery in Arizona and sculpting for the public throughout Phillip's life. Growing up in a world of art, Phillip created his first fine art piece at the age of 15. This exposed him to the joys of sharing stories through his art, and the amazing sense of connection that comes from that intersection.
One thing many friends and collectors of Anticus have asked is why that name was chosen, and what it means. Phillip found this word while doing research into an idea he had for one of his sculptures. While reading through Latin phrases, he discovered one used by soldiers who always held the front line in battle: "Semper Anticus," meaning always forward or always in front, was their motto. They feel that this truly resonates with what we are trying to do for our community.

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